Be in charge
of your work life

The Coople job app lets you work where you want, when you want, faster.


Personalised job search


On top of receiving job requests, you can search and apply for all our jobs based on your location, job profile, pay and desired shifts. You can also choose to only see jobs for the days you are available to work.

Discover jobs near you


You can find jobs near you with our shiny new job map. You can see jobs within your area on the map and apply for them directly.

Your Coople dashboard


Access all the information you need on a single page with our new home screen, from matched and upcoming jobs, ratings and reporting hours, it’s all displayed here.

Discover more

Personalise your job search

Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen to view the job listings page and enable the filters to see jobs based on your location, shift availability and hourly wage expectations.

Use the interactive map

Click on the location pin at the bottom of your job listings page to search for jobs on the interactive map. You can navigate the map to explore areas of interest and click on the pins to see jobs and apply for them directly. Use the map with or without your search filters enabled.

View jobs you are matched with

Return to your dashboard to see the jobs you have been matched with based on your job profiles and experience. Click ‘Show all’ to view all opportunities before selecting a job for more information. Apply and confirm your schedule and you could be hired.