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What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management put simply, is about worker productivity.

It joins the dots between business goals and worker motivation. The more aligned these are, the greater the likelihood of business success.
WFM is an HR and operations process intended to maximise worker output at every stage of the worker lifecycle from recruitment to retention. It puts business needs at the heart of staff planning and asks: do we have the right people, doing the right work at the right place and time?

Recruitment & Retention

Scheduling & Payroll

Performance Management

Worker Development

Coople’s Digital Solutions


Access Europe’s largest pool of flexible workers, hire the right candidates and build your own flexible talent pool, all in one place.


Forget paying a recruitment agency for people who don’t fit your team. With Coople you can hire flexibly and make full-time offers to the people who your team already likes and trusts.

Coople app applicant for retail jobs


Manage your internal and external staff within one tool, across multiple shifts, jobs and locations with Coople’s scheduling solution.


Forget about any complicated and irregular payroll, we take care of it. You only pay Coople like any other supplier.

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Why is Workforce Management important?

Although WFM is commonly used for rota and schedule planning, it can also help identify which competencies, soft skills and experience levels your workforce needs to support future growth.

When done properly, business leaders can develop plans to address staffing gaps that might restrict sales in the short term or responsiveness to uncertainty in the long term. Both of these are crucial to support continued business success.

Our features, in-depth

Coople’s Platform helps with:

Flexible hiring
  • Post your shifts to Coople’s pool of over 400,000 workers for free
  • Coople’s AI based algorithm matches the best workers who are available when you need them
  • Request, view and evaluate applications
  • Select and hire staff
  • Carry out time recording and performance assessment
Try & Hire
  • Test work performance and personal fit during trial work
  • Coople handles all administration during trial phase
  • Conduct individual interviews / conversations or negotiations
  • Take over permanent employment relationship
Shift Management
  • Manage internal and external employees on one platform
  • Plan assignments for internal and/or external staff
  • Allocate shifts
  • Carry out time recording and performance assessment
  • Manage absences
  • Create and evaluate reports

Whether you already have staff, or need to find new workers:

Payrolling solution for your own staff
Your hourly workers join Coople’s flexible pool:

  • Hand employment relationship with hourly workers to Coople to outsource HR risk
  • direct priority access to request workers for shifts
  • fee structure that reduces your overall cost
  • provide access to job opportunities for your workers to work as many hours as they want
Hiring from Coople’s pool
If you hire from Coople’s pool of flexible workers, we take care of:

  • Check work permit / identity including registrations / deregistrations
  • Insurance and maintenance of employee protection
  • Payment of social security contributions
  • Care, absence management, sick pay
  • Certification
  • Support for employee enquiries

More than 30,000 businesses globally trust our platform

Get a free account today and start your digital staffing journey

More than 25,000 businesses globally trust our platform

Get a free account today and start your digital staffing journey