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Staff your events with greater control, flexibility and paperless payroll.

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The best staff for your events

Plan well in advance or cover last minute absences. We match you to the vetted workers that are right for you. Our talent pool includes:

Our event industry clients

We partner with events businesses of all sizes, including contract caterers, event caterers, festival organisers and banquet halls. As your trusted staffing agency, we can provide 100% of event workers to help: Host events from start to finish. Scale staffing quickly with reduced admin or fixed costs.

How hiring flexible staff can help you reach your goals.

By hiring temporary staff through Coople, you can manage your workforce flexibly — solving these unique business challenges:

Staff hard-to-fill shifts

Coople covers 90% of shifts, whether at night, on weekends, or during the holiday season.

Track shifts at scale

Schedule and track shifts and hou­­­­rs worked in real-time and at scale. Simply check workers in and out using QR codes within our app.

Staff large events

Our platform supports scheduling needs unique to large events such as concerts, sporting events and festivals.

Case studies: Helping others hire staff for events

With more than 10 years experience in the events sector, Coople has helped countless businesses hire workers for their events, no matter the size or requirements. Read our case studies to discover why we are the event staff agency of choice for so many businesses:

Millwall Football Club

Millwall Football Club hire Coople's dependable and high-quality hospitality staff to consistently work match days throughout the season.

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The Kia Oval

The Kia Oval hired large volumes of reliable and flexible event staff to support their busy seasonal demands.

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Searcys flexible hospitality workers delivered exceptional customer service and improved coverage across their multiple venues all year round.

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Advantages with Coople

Maximise your profits

Increase revenue by adjusting your team in real-time to match fluctuating demand. Reduce costs by outsourcing admin and payroll.

Hire fully vetted workers

Digital job agencies like Coople put you in control. With clear information you can easily make the right hiring decisions. All workers are vetted for work permits and experience.

Gain flexibility

Unlike traditional recruitment companies, the Coople platform allows you to build your own pool of trusted, flexible staff. Manage peaks in demand and cover absences in just a few clicks.


This is how digital staffing works

Whether you want to hire flexibly or permanently, outsource recruitment or administration, we are your ideal partner.

The right workers on demand: Access a huge pool of temporary, external workers, find staff and hire the right candidates to build your own flexible talent pool — all in one place, 24/7.

First test, then hire permanently: With Coople, you can hire temporarily and offer permanent work to the people who fit into your team and whom you trust.

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More than 30,000 businesses globally trust our platform

Get ahead of HR admin and staffing costs with Coople’s digital staffing platform.