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CoopleRecruit: Your trusted temp to perm recruitment agency

On average, companies take 82 days to fill in a vacancy, and around 15% of new hires quit their jobs within their first six months.

Don’t let your business be a part of that statistic. Use Coople as your temp to perm recruitment agency and stop doing business as usual.


Cut your hiring risk with CoopleRecruit

Don’t let your company run into unnecessary risks. Outsource recruitment to Coople and get to know your candidates before offering them a permanent position.

Test the skills, knowledge and competencies of Cooplers while they work under a flexible agreement with all of the CoopleFlex features. Make a hiring decision when you know it’s right. The best part? It comes at no extra cost.

Creating a job vacancy on the Coople B2B platform

How does it work?

1. Strategise with our team

Let us know you want to hire flexible workers with an eye to future employment. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements.

2. Try flexible candidates

Create jobs and hire flexible workers through CoopleFlex. Build pools of favourites, set expectations, and send them regular shifts to evaluate team fit, attitude and growth potential.

3. Transition to permanent

After your best performers complete 480 hours of work with you, you’ll be able to hire them at no additional cost. We’ll let you know when you’re close to meeting your trial hours. If you cannot wait this long, you can hire workers directly for a fee. Reach out to our team for more information about early hires.
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Time-to-hire reduced by 99%


Hiring cost reduced by 50% or more

480 hours in your trial running period

Why use CoopleRecruit?

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Cut probation costs

We take care of flexible recruitment, background checks, contracts, payroll, taxes and much more until you’re ready to hire permanently.
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Invest in retention

Use the trial as part of your onboarding and allow candidates to get to know your business before committing. When you hire, they’ll be happy about working with you — and staying.
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Hire the best fit

Worker attitudes, interpersonal skills or team-fit won’t show on CVs or interviews alone. Test on the job and hire only the candidates determined to be the best fit.
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Make recruitment efficient

Our matching algorithm qualifies the right candidates. The trial period helps your HR team know who’s the best fit. Your workers start their permanent roles ready to excel.

UK teams trust the Coople solution

Nicola Harding - Reference Fulfilment Manager, Goodlord

“The ability to tailor the sourcing and interview structure, and the ability to have the candidates pre record the answering of the interview questions gives us more flexibility, we can watch the recordings at times that may not have worked successfully for live interviews.
The ability to communicate with the Coople team using our preferred chat function provides us with stronger, quicker communication. Having a focused bi-weekly call allows us to quickly tackle any unexpected challenges or concerns that may arise.”

Max McNicol - People Operations, Kia Oval

“Thank you for all the support we have received over the test match from the Coople team! Everyone has been brilliant and kept smiling until the end. You have all helped delivering one of the greatest events The Kia Oval could ever host!”

Chris Walker - Operations Manager, BMG Research

“The fresh thing about Coople was the speed to hire, the video interview process, and the team who reviewed these really did speed the whole process up. They were happy to adapt their selection criteria to meet our requirements and were up for the challenge of high volume recruitment.”

Emma Crosbie - Technical Manager, Bayley & Sage

“We started using Coople 6 months ago to fill positions at our CPU and stores and have found it to be extremely useful. With previous agencies used, we often received unsuitable or unreliable staff however with Coople you can view an individual’s experience, CV, and rating from other companies prior to booking, allowing for good quality and suitable cover. You can build a group of ‘favourites’ over time so that you have a reliable pool of regulars at hand where required. The platform is also easy to use. Would highly recommend.”

Try working with flexible professionals today, recruit them permanently tomorrow

Get in touch with us to leverage your try-before-you-hire strategy.