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The future of work. Through technological innovation,
Coople is transforming the way people work and the way businesses manage their staff.

Coople is a European technology company.

Founded in 2009 by the award-winning Swiss entrepreneur Viktor Calabrò, Coople operates the largest on-demand staffing platform in Europe. The platform instantly matches workers looking for shift-based or hourly work with companies that require these workers.

Coople has 200 full-time employees, offices in Zurich and London and 20,000 registered company accounts in the UK and Switzerland. Many of Coople’s clients are blue-chip international companies with complex operational and recruitment needs that require temporary workers for jobs in retail, hospitality, office and logistics. Coople’s current clients include JustEat, Deliveroo, Zara, Swissport International, Intercontinental Hotels, Swisscom.

Coople operates one of the most advanced matching algorithms in the market.

The Coople algorithm uses big data and analytics to match employers with workers across multiple sectors, job roles and locations at any one time.

Coople won a number of prestigious awards, including Venture Lab’s “Most Successful Young Enterprise” award (2012). It was named a “Top 3 Internet Startup” by the Top 100 Startups (2013) and one of the “10 of the Best Businesses at London Technology Week” by Forbes in 2016.

In 2014, Viktor Calabrò won the “EY Entrepreneur of the Year” award and was subsequently included in the “EY Entrepreneur of the Year” Hall of Fame, he was also included in the 2018 European Staffing 100 by the Staffing Industry Analysts. Calabrò is also the co-author, with the sociologists Martina Zolch and Marcel Oertig, of “Flexible Workforce”.


We are very proud and grateful for all the amazing awards that we have received.


400,000+ Workers
20,000 Registered Company Accounts

Meet the executive management team

CEO Viktor Calabro
Viktor Calabrò
Founder and Executive Chairman
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Managing Director Rinaldo Olivari
Rinaldo Olivari
Chief Executive Officer
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CFO Sacha Bielawski
Sacha Bielawski
Chief Financial Officer
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CTO Christopher Bradford
Christopher Bradford
Chief Technology Officer
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CTO Tony Macklin
Tony Macklin
Chief Product Officer
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Creating the future of
flexible work


We believe that the modern world
needs to rethink work toward a
more flexible future.


We create a world where working
flexibly is simple, safe, and satisfying
for both businesses and workers.


We provide state-of-the-art
technology that offers convenience,
quality, and choice to businesses and workers.


We are ambitious

We achieve our targets
by doing what is right

We put people at the
heart of Coople

We work hard to
delight our users

We move fast