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Advantages with Coople

Maximise your profits

Increase revenue by adjusting your team in real-time to match fluctuating demand. Reduce costs by outsourcing admin and payroll.

Hire fully vetted workers

Digital job agencies like Coople put you in control. With clear information you can easily make the right hiring decisions. All workers are vetted for work permits and experience.

Gain flexibility

Unlike traditional recruitment companies, the Coople platform allows you to build your own pool of trusted, flexible staff. Manage peaks in demand and cover absences in just a few clicks.

Shift Planning Overview

Two countries. One vision: More than a million workers in Switzerland and the UK!

Coople Platform

This is how digital staffing works

Whether you want to hire flexibly or permanently, outsource recruitment or administration, we are your ideal partner.


The right workers on demand: Access a huge pool of temporary, external workers, find staff and hire the right candidates to build your own flexible talent pool — all in one place, 24/7.


First test, then hire permanently: With Coople, you can hire temporarily and offer permanent work to the people who fit into your team and whom you trust.

How It Works

Your digital staffing agency for any sector

With more than 400,000 Cooplers in the UK, you can get the resources you need with Coople.


Successful companies rely on Coople’s digital staffing services

You too can increase flexibility and profits with us.

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“Coople is an innovative technology business who share our drive and ambition to bring new ways of working to both businesses and consumers. The Coople platform is intuitively easy to use and provides increased control, flexibility and transparency when selecting candidates.”

Rachel Masing – Head of Recruitment and Retention, ETM

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“Speed to hire – Breathe of fresh air in comparison to our previous recruitment partner. From candidate selection to onboarding is literally a few days in some instances.
Quality Candidates – The pre-recorded video interviews make the selection process simple and avoids spending time in excess interviews.”

Samie Miah – Business Development Department Manager, Tide

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“Coople have offered us exceptional support, during a very testing time in hospitality. Their staff are punctual, well experienced and have excellent customer service. Their support staff are on another level, always just a phone call away if we need extra staff at short notice and Will has been exceptional from an account management perspective. It is a pleasure to have Coople as part of my team, and i’m sure our partnership will continue for many years to come.”

Veronica Quinn – Head of Hospitality and Events, Millwall FC

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“I love how easy the platform is to use, how in depth with Coopler details it is and how quickly we got it set up and using it was great.”

Tom Murphy – People Coordinator, Camden Town Brewery

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“Thanks for supporting Vitabiotics over our Black Friday event – to say it went well is an understatement we achieved unprecedented results and service across all of our customers.”

Stephen McGuirk – Head of Warehouse Operations, Vitabiotics

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“The fresh thing about Coople was the speed to hire, the video interview process, and the team who reviewed these really did speed the whole process up. They were happy to adapt their selection criteria to meet our requirements and were up for the challenge of high volume recruitment.”

Chris Walker – Operations Manager, BMG

Over 30,000 companies globally rely on Coople’s digital staffing services

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