Have you thought about using recruitment agencies to find flexible work? Well, you’re not alone; according to Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, everyone from carers to single parents and beyond are looking to not only make work fit around their schedule, but also top-up their income by working extra jobs. In fact, there are currently between 800,000 and 1.2 million agency workers in the UK alone.

Plenty of demand for flexible work means plenty of choice, and that has resulted in many types of agencies, which can make it difficult to find the right one for you. To help you find an agency that suits your needs, we’ve put together a guide on how traditional recruitment agencies work, and how we at Coople offer an alternative way to find flexible work.

Traditional Recruitment Agencies

Registering and Onboarding

A lot of recruitment agencies specialise in specific industries, but they should all operate and comply within employment rights legislation. That means your agency must give you written terms of employment before looking for work for you (Gov).

Once you have agreed to the written terms of employment, you will have to sit an interview with your recruiter so they can get a better understanding of your skills and experience. You may also be asked to provide references from your previous employers.

Work and payment

After your initial onboarding the recruiter will work to find you temporary jobs by using their contacts and expertise within your sector. As with all agency work, the location, pay and responsibilities can differ from job to job. Some agencies may pay weekly, whereas others will pay monthly. You’ll need to make sure the agency you work with provides full itemised payslips, that way you’ll be able to calculate whether or not you were paid correctly.

How Coople is different…

With Coople, you get to take control of your work life – you decide when, where and however much you want to work. There is total transparency in regards to wages, location and details of the employer. Everything is available to you through our app, and if you want to make use of your transferable skills and try something new, then all you have to do is add more job profiles. As an added bonus, we also provide great bonuses and incentives like cash prize draws and free monthly travel for those who win our Coopler of the month award.

5 simple steps to achieving a flexible work life with Coople

  1. Register with Coople and download the app
  2. Attend a right to work session at our office in central London
  3. Review your matched jobs and apply via the app
  4. Get hired and turn up for work – that means no wasted time with interviews.
  5. Get paid weekly and receive a full itemised payslip