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How it works.

Whether you want to start a flexible career or are applying for a specific job on our platform, this page summarises the most important steps for getting started with Coople.

At Coople, we’re all about enabling you to reach your professional or personal goals with flexible, rewarding work. To get you working as soon as possible, we’ll guide you through your important first steps with Coople.


Get ready for work

In this section, we outline all the necessary steps for your first job application.
Complete the setup
Apply for a job
Get hired fast

Prepare for your job

Preparing for your upcoming jobs is key to be successful. Here are some useful tips:
Dress accordingly
Arrive on time
What to do in case of emergency

Progress with Coople

We want every job you do with us to be a step towards achieving your goals.
Improve your ratings
Become a favourite
Reach your goals

Complete the setup

You need to complete 3 initial steps to start working with Coople.

Download the Coople Jobs App

The Coople Jobs App is where you search and apply for jobs, confirm your working hours and update your worker profile – any time, anywhere. It is essential in order to work with Coople.

Get the app

Prove your legal Right to Work in the UK

As your legal employer, we need to confirm your identity and work permit before we can start working with you. Please upload your ID or passport and a valid work permit (if applicable) to your worker profile.

Apply for a Coople job

You can apply for interesting Coople jobs from our marketplace, the map view or by reacting to tailored job requests our algorithm sends to you (make sure you enable push notifications for the Coople Jobs App). Applying is easy with Coople – you can do it with a simple tap on the apply button that is shown at the bottom of every job description.

Make sure to apply frequently! It doesn’t matter if some of the shifts clash. If you are hired for one, you will be automatically withdrawn from any other application that clashes with it.

We also advertise our jobs via other platforms, such as job boards and social media. If you found a Coople job via one of these platforms and click on it, you will automatically be taken to the details of that job within the Coople Jobs App and can apply from there. If you don’t have our app installed when clicking on a job ad, you will be directed to the App or Google Play Store to download the Coople Jobs App.

When you apply for a job, your worker profile appears in the list of applicants and companies can hire you with one click. We’ll let you know if you’re hired and remind you of all the important information regarding your shift(s) before they start.

Get an overview of all your open applications as well as your current and completed jobs by tapping the 💼 icon in the Coople Jobs App.

Our tips on getting hired fast

Novice roles

If you’re struggling to get hired, try applying for novice roles at first. Once you get that first star rating, it’s a lot easier to find subsequent work.

Choose different roles

If you don’t have much experience, think about the roles that you are more likely to succeed in. For hospitality, you may want to apply for smaller locations (rather than large hotels) at the start.

Apply a lot

Keep applying! It doesn’t matter if some of the shifts clash. If you are hired for one, you will be automatically withdrawn from any other application that clashes with it.

Add more job profiles

Add a variety of job profiles that interest you. The more job profiles you add, the more direct job requests you will receive.

Push notifications

Enable push notifications – that means you can be amongst the first to hear about new jobs and be an early applicant.

Job descriptions matter

Read the job descriptions thoroughly as some roles may require greater levels of experience for you to be considered.

Prepare for your Coople job

In this section, you’ll find all the necessary information on how to work successfully with Coople. Whether you have a question on emergency procedures or confirming your working hours, we’ve covered it all below.

Dress code

Be sure to wear the right clothes. A full dress code can be found in the job description of every job, and it’s vitally important that you follow it exactly. If you don’t, some companies may not allow you to work. Some jobs will specify specific uniform requirements so please make sure you have the right clothes for the job before applying.

We protect our workers by banning jobs with discriminating dress codes from our platform. Should you ever encounter one, please report it to our customer care team immediately.

meeting point

Shift preparation

We ask our community to:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early and make sure you head to the right place. Jobs will often have a ‘meeting point’ section within the job description which may not be the main entrance of the building.
  • Have a positive attitude and stay friendly and engaged throughout the shift.
  • Ask questions if you’re unsure about anything! It’s better to ask and make things right than not ask and make a mistake.

What to do in case of emergency

We hope that no emergencies will happen when you work with us, but we want to make sure you know what to do in the worst case scenario. If something happens on your way to work that prevents you from being punctual or attending the shift, please inform us immediately. Our customer care team is available and ready to support you any time, whatever the matter.

In general, please contact us if you’re unsure about something. Get in touch with our customer care from the app menu by clicking on “Visit help centre”.

visit help centre
confirm your working hours

Confirm your working hours

After you have completed your shift, you have six hours to confirm your working hours in the app. The shift automatically displays the planned hours and break duration. If you have worked more hours, or took a shorter break, make sure to manually adjust that before confirming and sending in your working hours. Once the hiring company has checked and confirmed your hours as well, you will receive your salary.

Get paid

Payments are made weekly, with shifts paid a week in arrears. You can review your payslips at any time in the Coople Jobs App via the profile menu.

When working with Coople, you will never be paid below the minimum wage.

As your employer, we take care of your income tax and your national insurance contributions so you don’t have to.

These contributions are required by UK employment law and will ensure you’re always working legally when you work with Coople.

Strike Policy

Just like how we connect you to rewarding work, we also have a responsibility towards hiring companies on our platform to supply them with quality flexible workers. To maintain our high standards of professionalism and commitment, we have implemented a strikes policy. This is a three-level warning system before suspension. Suspension happens when you cancel a confirmed job too close to the start of the first shift, or if you’re absent from work without a valid reason. A detailed explanation of how our strikes policy works can be found here.

If you receive three strikes, you will be suspended from our platform and your worker profile will be blocked. If your account has been suspended or you have received a strike you do not agree with, you can launch an appeal from the profile menu in the app.

Please note that you will not be able to apply for jobs while your account is suspended.

Tip: If you applied for a job but can no longer make it for the shift anymore, use the withdrawal option. As long as you are not hired for a job, you can withdraw your application and can’t be hired for this job anymore. That way you can avoid getting strikes for sure.

Progressing with Coople

We strive to connect our Cooplers with rewarding opportunities, no matter the length of commitment. We want every job you do with us to provide you with opportunities to develop your skills and take steps towards achieving your personal and professional goals.

Improve your ratings

You bring the drive, we bring the opportunities. Lack of workplace experience shouldn’t be a barrier to finding rewarding work. For every Coople job you complete, you receive a rating from the hiring company, and you can rate them in return. The hiring company can not see the rating you gave before they rated you as well. Build up your platform reputation and gather 4-star ratings. The better your overall rating, the easier hiring companies can find and hire you.

Become a favourite

Having a good attitude during your shifts will go a long way to ensure you stand out. When you make a good impression on our hiring companies, you may be added to their favourites pool. This means you can receive direct job requests from those companies and will be prioritized in the hiring process. Becoming a favourite worker for various companies allows you to find regular shifts.

Reach your goals

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, top-up your income or fit work around your other commitments, Coople can help reach such goals.

“Flexible work has supported me to stay active and find work throughout lockdown. Though it hasn’t been easy, I’ve been able to gain new skills in areas I never considered previously.”

Jack, Warehouse Operative

Reach your goals

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, top-up your income or fit work around your other commitments, Coople can help reach such goals.

“Being able to choose my working days means I can easily fit my shifts around my parenting schedule without needing to ask for time off.”

Emma, Office Assistant

Reach your goals

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, top-up your income or fit work around your other commitments, Coople can help reach such goals.

“Funnily enough, I’ve learnt more about workplace communication and adaption in any Coople shift than in any of my A-levels.”

Amgad, Waiter

Reach your goals

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, top-up your income or fit work around your other commitments, Coople can help reach such goals.

“I’ve learned more about time management, problem solving and effective communication while working with Coople, than I did throughout my entire degree.”

Natasha, Telesales Agent