How to register with the Coople Jobs App.

With Coople, the registration and application process is slightly different than with traditional staffing agencies. Below, we explain what is different in our registration process and how you can get jobs quickly.

You must download the free Coople Jobs App to work with Coople. Once you’ve set up your profile, you can search for jobs in the app, apply with one click and be hired within hours – anytime, anywhere.

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How to complete your Coople profile

When you work with Coople, we become your legal employer. This means that we pay your salary, take care of your social security contributions, and much more. For this reason, it is important that you enter all important information such as your CV, your bank details, ID or passport, national insurance number, in your profile right at the beginning of your registration. Once you have provided this information, you can start applying for jobs.

First registration steps in the Coople Jobs App

Once you upload your details to the app, you’ll receive job requests for relevant opportunities on our marketplace.

1. Add job profiles.
Add job profiles that interest you right at the beginning of the registration process and select your experience level for the role. You should also upload relevant references, certificates and diplomas that confirm your experience. The more job profiles you add, the more job requests you will receive.
2. Indicate your language skills.
Indicate which languages you speak and your skill level.
3. Upload your CV.
An up-to-date CV increases your chances of being hired by 89%. It’s therefore one of the most important documents to help you get hired. Make sure that your CV demonstrates your work experience for your chosen job profile(s).
4. Indicate where you want to work.
Specify where you want to work. You’ll see jobs near you based on your location.
5. Upload a photo.
We recommend that you add a professional photo to your Coople profile. This will give a personal touch to help you stand out in a crowd of applicants.
Available job profiles on the Coople Jobs App

The Right to Work check:

Validating that you can work with Coople

As your legal employer, we need proof that you meet all legal requirements of the UK labour market before you can work with us. We need to check that:

You have a valid work permit for the UK
You are 18 years old or older
For us to check if you meet the above requirements, please upload the following documents to your worker profile:

  • If you are a UK / Irish national: your valid passport.
  • If you are a non-UK / non-Irish national: your passport or national ID and your share code.

Every Coopler needs to pass the Right to Work check, which is a pre-recorded video interview that only takes less than ten minutes to complete. We’ll ask you a question to understand what type of jobs you’re interested in. Then, we’ll verify your documents. Your chances of getting hired quickly are highest if you have uploaded all the information we need, and you apply proactively for jobs you’re interested in.

Personal details for correct salary payment

To pay out your salary on time, we need further information from you:

  • Your payment details (bank account).
  • Your national insurance number, so that we can take care of your income tax, national insurance and pension contributions.

    Profile check

    The Coople team will check your documents and your Right to Work when you apply for a job. Therefore, your chances of being hired quickly are highest if you upload all the information we need and apply for jobs right away.

    Find rewarding work in the Coople Jobs App

    Use our app to easily find new job opportunities to reach your goals.

    The marketplace

    Searching and applying for work couldn’t be simpler. Find new challenges on our jobs marketplace by searching for the job or company name or by applying filters for location and salary expectations.

    The map

    You can find rewarding work near you by tapping on the map icon in the marketplace. Zoom in and out according to your location preferences and tap on the pins to see the details of a job.

    The application

    Once you’ve reviewed the details of an interesting job, you can select the shifts you want to apply for and send your application.

    Marketplace in the Coople Jobs App
    map view
    apply for shifts

    We look forward to providing you with exciting jobs very soon.

    Download the Coople Jobs App and register today.


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