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CoopleFlex: The smart way to find flexible staff online

You don’t need to compromise the quality of your workforce to gain speed and flexibility, with the Coople recruitment app, you can find flexible staff in just a few hours. We help you choose, hire and manage verified workers — for a shift or months at a time. The best part? We take care of background checks, administration, and payroll, so you focus on what matters most — your business. We match ambitious companies with skilled, flexible workers across the hospitality, events, retail, logistics, and office sectors.

Like a staffing agency, but faster and transparent.

Publish jobs in seconds. Select the number of workers you need, their skills, experience level, and hourly rate. We’ll use our advanced search algorithm to match you with over 400,000 profiles from our database.

Receive applications in hours. Open your candidates’ profiles and review their CVs, ratings, recent jobs, skills, and experience level. You choose your best fit.

Create groups of favourites, hire directly and build long-term relationships with the best performers. Use a QR code for automated time-tracking across multiple jobs, locations and people.

View all your jobs and shifts in one table with real-time status updates around coverage, attendance and time-tracking. Take quick actions as your plans change: add day, evening and night shifts as you need them, request more workers, and stop hiring anytime.

Give ratings to Cooplers after a job, tell us what they did well, and support their career progression. Be prepared to build your company reputation; you’ll also receive ratings from Cooplers!

Receive one invoice from Coople for all the hours worked across multiple locations. Forget about administrative and payroll costs. We take care of our Cooplers’ salary, including insurance, holiday maternity, paternity pay and pension.

Key benefits of using Coople to manage flexible workers

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Understand how much you’re paying per hour, view who is on-site at all times and know what’s going on with coverage, attendance and time-tracking in real-time.


Reduce your time-to-hire from weeks to hours. Bring your workers and build pools of favourite Cooplers to hire automatically. Forget about payroll and administration.

Digital HR management

Let Coople’s matching algorithm qualify workers for you, automate time-tracking with a QR code, and more. See your team work faster and solve last-minute changes with an intuitive recruitment app.

Bring value

Our Cooplers have skills and experience across 147 job profiles in retail, hospitality, events and office jobs. Everyone will bring value from day one, for as long as you need them.


Number of profiles analysed in seconds after you publish a job


Our customers spend less than 1 hour making a hiring decision after receiving applications


Cooplers have a 90% approval rating after working with our customers


We found 800 Cooplers in less than 48 hours for a logistics company in the UK


We found workers for 90 locations at the same time for a large retailer in Switzerland

How we verify Cooplers

1. Qualify

Our operations teams review every candidate to make sure they can work legally and have the right skills and experience for the jobs you create.

2. Review

Every time a Coopler updates their information, a member of our team will spend time reviewing and validating their new skills and experience.

3. Quality control

We strive to reward our top-performers and remove professionals from the Coople platform who don’t meet our work ethic and standards.

UK businesses choose CoopleFlex

"Coople have been exceptionally helpful throughout our peak period. Coople managed to fill positions at our sites where other agencies were struggling to meet requirements."

Louise Beer - Recruitment Manager, ILG

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