How to find retail assistant jobs with Coople

Retail assistants (also known as store assistants and sales assistants) are responsible for welcoming and assisting customers. As part of Coople’s skilled workforce, you will be required to perform a variety of tasks, including greeting and assisting customers, replenishing stock and floor inventory, processing payments and returns and store maintenance.

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What you can expect when working as a retail assistant with Coople:

Job responsibilities

For example:

  • Ability to work independently and/or as a team member
  • Friendly and outgoing demeanour, must be comfortable interacting with many customers on a daily basis to provide a first-class customer experience
  • Enthusiastic, proactive personality – able to take initiative to support sales and help customers as and when needed
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of the business and a passion for the products they are selling


You can also work as a cleaning professional with Coople

Stockroom assistants

You can also join our team of dedicated stockroom staff

Warehouse operatives

You can also work as a skilled warehouse operative with Coople

Which skills do we look for in store assistants?

Sometimes, our roles do not require experience. If no specific experience is required, it will be listed clearly in the job description. For example, the job description may say:
  • No previous experience needed
  • Ability to work independently and/or as a team member
  • Desire to learn and deliver quality customer service
If specific experience is required, it will be stated clearly in the job description when you apply. For example, hiring companies may ask for:
  • Experience with visual merchandising
  • Experience working in a retail environment

How to prepare for your retail assistant job.

There’s a variety of things to look out for before you start your shift as a store assistant.

This could include:

  • Specific uniform requirements – be sure to check whether or not uniform will be provided in the job description
  • Knowledge or use of heavy machinery and equipment. If this is relevant to your duties as a retail assistant, it will be clearly explained in the job description of your upcoming shifts

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