How to find flexible catering assistant jobs near you with Coople

You can find rewarding work as a catering assistant in London with the Coople Jobs App. As part of Coople’s skilled workforce, we connect you to fulfilling part-time, full-time and temporary catering assistant jobs near you. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience on the job, such as prepping and planning ingredients, transporting food and planning a menu.

Find catering jobs near you

What you can expect when applying for catering assistant jobs with Coople:

Job responsibilities

For example:

  • Meeting with clients to plan and decide on menu offerings
  • Assisting with the food and beverage preparation
  • Communicating with food and equipment rental vendors to pre-order and receive necessary supplies
  • Cooking and plating menu items
  • Stocking supplies and maintaining inventory to ensure there is no shortage of supplies
  • Handling bill enquiries
  • Ensuring that all kitchen and service areas are clean and tidy
  • Ensuring health and safety regulations are closely followed

Event hosts/hostesses

You can also find flexible work as one of our skilled hosts/hostesses

Event assistants

We also connect our workers to rewarding event assistant work opportunities


You can also work as a promoter with Coople

Which skills do we look for in catering job applicants?

Sometimes, our catering assistant jobs do not require experience. If no specific experience is required, it will be listed clearly in the job description. For example, the job description may say: 
  • No previous experience needed 
  • Ability to work independently and/or as a team member 
  • Must demonstrate ability to think on their feet and work under pressure 
  • Ability to multitask effectively 
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills 
  • Well-versed in food safety and handling 
  • Highly energetic and motivated, must be enthusiastic and able to work efficiently 
  • Good physical stamina to walk and stand for extended periods of time 


If specific experience is required, it will be stated clearly in the job description when you apply. For example, hiring companies may ask for: 
  • 6+ months work experience as a catering assistant 
  • Food handler certificates may be required. If this is the case, certificates from the Certified Professional in Catering and EventsServSafe Food Handler certification and Alcohol certification may be specifically requested 

How to prepare for your role as a catering assistant.

There’s a variety of things to look out for before you start your catering jobs. This could include:

  • Specific uniform requirements (such as PPE) and whether or not uniform will be provided 
  • Food health and safety training. If this is mandatory, you will be invited to complete this before your first shift 
  • Certificates and qualifications. Sometimes, our catering assistant roles will require specific certifications. Please be sure to read the requirements in the job description carefully to ensure you are applying to the right role for you! 
  • Driver’s license – occasionally, our roles will require you to have a full, clean driver’s license to fulfill certain catering assistant duties 

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