The Swiss Federal Council is lifting the lockdown faster than planned for all restaurants and bars. On May 11th, restaurants will be able to reopen, giving them only a few days to plan their staff and operations. Coople, Europe’s largest digital platform for flexible staffing solutions, can enable the hospitality industry to access a vast pool of skilled flexible staff instantly to cover planned and unplanned peaks in business effectively.

Plan for the right staff at the right time

A lot of restaurateurs, business owners and F&B managers are struggling with staff planning. The strict guidelines shared by the Federal Government last week will force venues to rethink their planning, and to react fast to meet their demand with the right amount of staff.

With great uncertainty in the weeks and months to follow, flexibility will be a top priority for hotels, bars and restaurants, as demand may return slowly or – in some areas – ramp up rapidly. These establishments will therefore need support in recruiting and hiring temporary workers, as well as keeping its full-time employees as flexible as possible to meet the business needs, manage their fixed cost effectively and maximize its revenue.

With so many unpredictable events that can happen within a short space of time, there is a clear need to move to models that can react to these changes in real-time – using digital solutions to plan staff in a way that helps cover planned and unplanned peaks in business with skilled, experienced and flexible workers.

Find and plan your staff with Coople

Coople allows hotels, restaurants and bars to hire skilled staff instantly. The algorithm matches businesses with flexible workers who have the right skills and experience. To date, Coople has more than 300,000 registered ‘Cooplers’ (flexible workers) in Switzerland. It also features rating tools and timesheet approval.

Coople, who already operate with a large number of restaurants and hotels all over Switzerland (including Compass Group, ZFV, Migros Catering Services, Ragaz Catering, Bürgenstock Resort, Bindella), is now working at full capacity to help restaurateurs overcome these uncertain times and better manage their staffs.

With Coople restaurateurs get 24/7 access to the platform, the ability to instantly publish jobs and hire skilled flexible applicants, an existing large pool of more than 100,000 experienced hospitality professionals (including chefs, kitchen staff, waiting staff, bar staff, etc.) and extensive administrative management of the staff.

If you are also looking for qualified, flexible personnel, register today free of charge on our platform.
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Looking for a job?

Our clients are continuously looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals to join their team. Whether you want to find a flexible job to generate additional income, gain experience in new areas or pursue a flexible lifestyle, Coople can help you find flexible work that is tailored to your needs. Every day, our clients publish hundreds of jobs in retail, logistics, hospitality or administration in order to help you match your skills with the right job opportunity. During the COVID-19 crisis, exciting roles have emerged on our platform to help our clients to cope with their urgent staffing needs. Find more about these roles by registering here.
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About Coople

Since Coople launched in Zurich in 2009, more than 400,000 flexible workers and 20,000 companies have registered on our flexible work platform. Coople provides flexible staffing solutions for the catering, hotel, retail, aviation, logistics, events and promotion and office sectors. The company has been active in the UK since 2016.

For more information, please visit www.coople.com or get in touch directly at info.ch@coople.com