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Coople - the app for jobs in the healthcare sector.

With the Coople Jobs App, you can find different jobs in the field of medical care and assistance.

You can work part-time in a hospital, a rehabilitation clinic or a home care service. With Coople, you can find temporary jobs that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals or return to work after a break.

Whether you have a wide range of professional experience, have just started your career or are looking for opportunities to progress, Coople has the right job for you. Find flexible jobs perfectly suited to your needs and career goals. 

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Your next job in the healthcare sector is only a click away.

Once you have created your account and verified your email address, visit our marketplace to search for jobs you are interested in. Get new ideas by scrolling through our list of open jobs, or use filters to look for something more specific. You can narrow down your search results by searching for specific job titles, or hiring companies. You can also specify your minimum salary and maximum commuting distance.

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Tell us more about yourself.

Coople offers a wide variety of jobs, giving you the opportunity to try out new sectors and advance your career. To find roles that suit your interests, add as many relevant job profiles as you like. Once you start applying for work, you will receive relevant job requests based on your job profiles.

Stay active on the app! The more you apply, the more job requests you will receive.

We currently have the following job profiles in the healthcare sector:


Social care worker with a Federal VET Diploma (EFZ) (+ customised training)


Medical practice assistant with a Federal VET Diploma (EFZ)


Nursing assistant RC


Healthcare assistant with a Federal VET Diploma (EFZ) (+ customised training)


Graduate nurse with a PET diploma (+ customised training)


Health and social care worker with a Federal VET Certificate (EBA)


Medical secretary


and many more...

Improve your chances of getting hired.

Coople gives you direct access to many well-known Swiss companies, and jobs on our platform don’t require interviews. That’s why we need to check your skills before you can work. It is important that you add as much information as possible to your profile. Whether it’s your diploma, a driving licence or work permit – please upload all documents that could be relevant so we can process your applications as quickly as possible.

If any position requires a specific qualification or proof of experience, you will be informed as soon as you apply. We summarised all the information we need from you, and why we need it, in this short article.

Profile Documents

Are you ready for your next job in the healthcare sector?

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