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Coople - Your
retail staffing agency.

Improve sales, customer satisfaction and pace
with Europe’s largest talent pool of retail staff.

Hire flexible retail staff.

Whether you need support for fluctuating demand, hire for long-term projects like a pop-up shop, or even identity talent for permanent hire, Coople’s talent pool gives you access to:






Cleaning professionals


Promoters (Consultants)


Sales assistants / retail trade

hire retail staff

Retail businesses who trust us.

We’ve helped national chains, supermarkets, boutiques and independent retailers improve their responsiveness to last-minute absences, peak hours and seasonal demand.

How responsive retail staffing can help you

A flexible workforce can help solve many of the unique challenges involved in retail staffing.

Last-minute covers

When a client faced an unexpected absence, we provided qualified retail staff within half an hour from job posting until the Coopler was on site.

Hiring for quality

Our clients like adding the best workers to their favourites pools to have consistency in their flexible team and hire even faster in an automated way.

Multi-branch staffing

For a large supermarket chain, we provided retail staff across 150 locations in three different language regions of Switzerland.

Frau, die im Verkauf arbeitet und Ware scannt

Your retail staffing agency – success stories

Here are some examples of the results our workers have helped our clients achieve.

Discount Supermarket

How a national supermarket chain received emergency assistance amid the Covid-19 crisis to ensure the safety of in-store visitors and the quality of customer service continues to be on a high level.

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Europe's largest online pharmacy

How Europe’s largest online pharmacy gained access to flexible staff in a matter of hours to cope with surging order volumes during the Covid-19 spikes.

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More than 30,000 businesses globally trust our platform

Get ahead of retail demand with responsive staffing. Create a free account today and start your digital staffing journey.