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Maximise your profits

Increase revenue by adjusting your team in real-time to match fluctuating demand. Reduce costs by outsourcing admin and payroll.

Hire fully vetted workers

Digital job agencies like Coople put you in control. With clear information you can easily make the right hiring decisions. All workers are vetted for work permits and experience.

Gain flexibility

Unlike traditional recruitment companies, the Coople platform allows you to build your own pool of trusted, flexible staff. Manage peaks in demand and cover absences in just a few clicks.

Two countries. One vision: More than a million workers in Switzerland and the UK!

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This is how digital staffing works

Whether you want to hire flexibly or permanently, outsource recruitment or administration, we are your ideal partner.

The right workers on demand: Access a huge pool of temporary, external workers, hire the right candidates and build your own flexible talent pool – all in one place, 24/7.
First test, then hire permanently: With Coople, you can hire flexibly and offer permanent work to the people who fit into your team and whom you trust.
Outsource staff: Coople takes care of complicated and irregular payrolls of your own pool of temporary staff or hourly workers.

Your digital staffing agency for any sector

With more than 600,000 Cooplers in Switzerland, you can get the resources you need with Coople.


Successful companies rely on Coople’s digital staffing services

You too can increase flexibility and profits with us.

I can only congratulate Coople on their work. Every time we need something, we can rely on Coople. They are fast, dynamic and efficient. They have a great listening ear for the customers and when we give them feedback, there is a prompt follow-up. Our collaboration is based on a very good relationship of trust. I would like to thank the Coople team for their professionalism and empathy.

Alain Belgy – Restaurant Manager, Migros Geneva

I like that Coople is a flexible, fast, and efficient platform, with excellent customer service. The Coople team always strives to provide us with qualified and experienced workers to meet the needs of our offices. The Coople platform offers workers a high degree of flexibility, as they can choose the working hours and jobs that suits them best. I would like to thank Coople for their valuable support and help in finding temporary or short-term staff.

Vanessa Monaco Quirici – Management, Manor Marin AG

Whether in retail, hospitality or logistics, since the pandemic we can't imagine working without Coople. Through great cooperation, we were able to cover an extremely large number of absences within a very short time. Additionally, we implemented Covid measures to maintain daily business. Some Cooplers were even able to sign a permanent employment contract with Migros to cover our vacant positions - and all this without a big application process.

Susanna Schober – Head of Sales Service, Cooperative Society Migros Aare

The pandemic presented us with completely new challenges. In order to comply with protective guidelines, we had an urgent need for support across our branches with very short notice. Coople helped us quickly without complications and placed up to 500 additional employees at peak times - per day! What I appreciate about Coople is the flexible, quality support and the intuitive platform, which is very easy to use even on a mobile phone.

Christian Thoman – Head of HR Sales, Denner AG

Over 25,000 Swiss companies rely on Coople’s digital staffing services

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