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Coople - Your
office staffing agency.

Hire for office-based roles on-demand with Coople’s digital staffing agency.
We match you with high quality, vetted staff from our pool of more
than 600,000 registered workers.

Flexible staffing for your office roles.

Build flexible teams, cover planned absences like holidays or identify talent for permanent hire. Hire our flexible talents for the following fields:




Finance & Controlling




Organisation & Projects


Trading, Purchasing & Sales


Customer service


Human Resources


Marketing, PR & Sponsoring


Real estate


Trusts & Taxes

hire logisticians

We are proud partners of great companies

We have placed flexible workers in office roles across many sectors, including: Call centres, insurance companies, newspapers, delivery services, shared office spaces, and many more.


 Why a digital staffing agency?

Responsive staffing strategies can solve many of the specific challenges involved in office staffing

Hiring for presentability

Ratings and the verified work history of workers are clearly displayed on our platform. You can make your selection and mark the best as your favorites for easier hiring in the future.

Covering at the last minute

Emergencies can happen, but they don’t have to turn into problems. We have filled a receptionist role within half an hour between the job going live on our platform and the person being on site.

Hiring for multiple departments

Looking for receptionists? Mailroom assistants? Catering or cleaning staff? Coople’s talent pool includes various skill sets providing a one-stop-shop for the occasional cover you need.

office worker with laptop

Your digital staffing agency for office roles

Our flexible teams have helped many businesses reach their operational and financial goals:


How Regus overcame operational gaps with flexible staffing.

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Just Eat

How Just Eat successfully navigated project peaks with high volumes of flexible workers.

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Financial Times

See how Financial Times reduced their risk when hiring full-time staff.

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More than 30,000 businesses globally trust our platform

Create a free account today and start your digital staffing journey.