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Welcome to your flexible work community.

Find out what you can achieve with Coople, share your success stories and learn what benefits you can expect as a Coopler.
Register as a Coopler to get involved and visit our page to learn how Coople works.

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What’s a Coopler?
Join our community of over 700,000 flexible workers and learn what it means to be a Coopler.
Coopler rewards
Enjoy exclusive Coopler rewards such as our monthly Super Coopler program, our prize draws where you could win up to CHF 1’000.- and many more!
Coopler stories
Listen to our inspirational Coopler stories and discover how you can benefit from flexible work too.
Help Center
From applying for a job to getting paid and beyond – find all the answers to your questions right here.

What does it mean to be a Coopler?

When you work flexibly with Coople, you become a Coopler. Our community is made up of over 700,000 registered Cooplers, who each work flexibly to reach their personal and professional goals.

Anyone can be a Coopler: students looking to earn extra money, entrepreneurs who want to develop their network, working professionals who want to learn new skills and more. As a Coopler, you’re connected with rewarding opportunities that work for you and your availability.


What can you expect as a Coopler?


  • No minimum working hours. Choose when, where and how often you work.
  • No interviews.
  • Work for different hiring companies and find out what roles suit you best.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to a further training budget after you work 88 hours with Coople.
  • Find flexible jobs that match your wage expectations. As a Coopler, you’ll never get paid less than minimum wage.
  • As your legal employer, we take care of your social Insurance and OASI contributions.


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Enjoy exclusive Coopler rewards.

Become one of our dedicated Super Cooplers, take part in our competitions and prize draws which take place four times a year with the chance of winning up to CHF 1‘000.- You can also take advantage of exclusive Coopler discounts and benefits.*

Super Coopler

How to become a Super Coopler

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Find out more about our video and photo competition for Coopler

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Prize draws

Coople’s Summer Bonus: win CHF 1'000.- with Coople Jobs!

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*We offer attractive offers from our customers and partners to our community. You will be informed about these regularly via in-app messages or emails.

Hear from our Cooplers:

Find out from Cooplers on what it’s like to work with Coople, and how flexible work can support you.

Find more Coopler Videos here.

This is how Coople has already been able to help other flexible workers:

Whether you want to further your education, advance your career or earn extra income,As you can find jobs that help you achieve these goals as a Coopler.

Testimonial of Coopler Christian
Testimonial of Coopler Denisa S.
Testimonial of Coopler Nikolaos K.
Testimonial of Coopler Mouna A.
Testimonial of Coopler Beat Z.
Testimonial of Coopler Moritz S.

"In nursing, you can feel the gratitude and kindness for the spontaneous temporary staff. Thanks to Coople, this is possible! Together we are strong!"

Tamara – Graduate nurse

"I chose Coople because it's very flexible and well organised. Coople gives me the opportunity to show my best side. I get the opportunity to try out many different exciting jobs and find the right path for me."

Kim – Hostesse

“It is important to me to work and still have the opportunity to learn. Working flexibly at Coople means I can fund my living while gaining relevant industry knowledge."

Luca – Sales assistant/retail trade

“Flexible work was not only a way for me to earn extra money. It also gave me the confidence and experience to push myself and pursue new opportunities."

Maya- Sales assistant
Coople’s Summer Bonus: win CHF 1'000.- with Coople Jobs!
Coople’s Summer Bonus: win CHF 1'000.- with Coople Jobs!