Product updates: a simplified hiring experience on web and mobile

Product updates: a simplified hiring experience on web and mobile

Coople exists to make flexible work a rewarding experience. For us, this means building easy-to-use tools to hire verified professionals for as little or as long as you need them. In the last months, we’ve simplified the hiring experience on our web and mobile apps so that you can hire workers from anywhere at anytime. This is what’s new:

Build relationships with your Cooplers

    • Your workers, organised

We know how important it is for you to work with the same Cooplers again. This is why, when you open a shift on web or mobile to make a hire, you’ll see those workers who have a relationship with your company first: Favourite, Previously hired, Referred by me, Shortlisted and new applicants. If there’s anyone you like, you can shortlist them via the Coople for Business App as well as the Coople Web Platform.

    • Create your worker groups

If you hire for many roles, locations or experience levels you might want to group your workers to make faster hiring decisions in the future. Create
as many groups as you need, give them an easy-to-remember name, and add or remove Cooplers in a few clicks. Once you have your groups, you can send them jobs directly from the mobile app and web platform when you create new jobs. We hope this simplifies your hiring experience

    • Rate Cooplers

We have made it easy for you to rate workers up to 7 days after the job ends. Go to the Coople Web Platform, find them under My Workers and give them the rating they deserve.  It will help them get jobs in the future!

    • My Workers’ screen has a new look

We have redesigned this screen on the Coople Web Platform so that it’s easier for you to understand who’s working with you. Sort your workers by the number of shifts they’ve done with you, and the date when they last worked. View their Job profiles and easily open their worker profile from here.

    • Review CVs online, no more downloads

Go to a Coopler’s Profile, tap View CV and open their resume directly on the same screen.  You won’t need to download it, unless you want to!

Shift planning made simpler

    • A new shift plan on your phone

Open the calendar, scroll up and down and see all your shifts, no matter how far into the past or future they are. If you need to Review applicants or Approve hours, we let you know. We also show the photo and name of Cooplers when you’re hiring one person. This way it will be easier to know who’s working with you.

    • Edit a shift and stop hiring from your phone

We know that plans change. If you need to edit the shift times, add more shifts to a job or stop receiving applications, you can now do it all from your mobile or computer.

    • Checked hours, visible

Stay on top of time-tracking regardless of where you are.  We now show you the check-in and check-out times of Cooplers who used a QR code to report their hours. Want to know what you need to do next after a shift? Our tags will guide your actions on web and mobile:

    • Hours pending: Cooplers have to report their hours
    • Review hours: Cooplers have sent their hours and you need to review them
    • Approved: you approved the submitted hours

More coming soon

We are working hard to bring you the best experience in hiring flexible workers. We’ll send you regular product updates directly on the Coople Web Platform, and a new blogpost every quarter. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn how things work in-depth, please check our Help Centre. If you have not done so already, download the Coople for Business App to find staff on the go.

Product update: a new calendar and improved job descriptions

Product update: a new calendar and improved job descriptions

Read the article to discover how we have improved Coople, including how you see your future shifts.

Last month, we announced a re-brand that reflects our commitment to flexible workers like you. As part of our efforts to improve Coople, we have also made changes to the way the Coople Job App looks and feels. 

We listened to what you need and are working on making it easier for you to find work where and when you need it with companies who value your unique skills. In order to keep you informed of how Coople works now and in the future, we will publish regular articles like this one on our blog.  We hope that this will help you to make the best use of the Coople Job App.

Here is a sample of what is new:

A cleaner, clearer job details’ screen

  • Get better job descriptions: we know that great job descriptions attract great workers. This is why we have redesigned the job details’ screen and included more information. Now you can see a list of experiences and skills that the company expects you to have.  This way, it will be easier to quickly understand if the job is the right fit for you. 

Your calendar at your fingertips

  • View your future shifts on a calendar: with this new feature, it is now much easier to quickly see when your shifts are happening and to organise your time accordingly.

Stay tuned

We are actively working to improve the experience in our app. While we do this, take a moment to learn how things work in-depth in our Help Centre. If you have not done so already, please download the Coople Job App.

Product Update: simplified hiring, time tracking and candidate screening

Product Update: simplified hiring, time tracking and candidate screening

Find out the recent product updates for companies we have made to the Coople platform, including a smarter algorithm to match you with the right workers and a more intuitive hiring experience.

Last month we introduced Coople’s new brand. This milestone marks months of work listening to customers like you to understand what you need from flexible work. Like our brand, our product is also changing to better meet your hiring needs.  We heard that you wanted to feel it was easier to hire people, so we have been hard at work to improve the hiring experience. We are also making the platform smarter so that the applicants you see when you post a job will become more and more relevant for you, the more you use Coople. Finally, we want to share with you our news about product update for businesses more frequently. From now, we will send regular product updates to your app and we will also publish articles like this one on our blog.  We hope that this will help you to make the best use of our platform.

Here are the changes we made over the past months:

A more intuitive hiring process

  • Get things done, faster:  we redesigned the hiring experience so you see exactly how many shifts you need to cover, edit the job when you need to, view all applicants clearly, and stop hiring when you have enough applications to review.
  • Choose the right applicants: when you review your open shifts, we now show you the applicants you have hired first, followed by those who you have preselected, then your favourites, and then your previously employed. This way, you can view the applicants you like or know first so you can build long-lasting relationships with them.
  • Hire directly from the profile: we gave the Cooplers’ profile a new, cleaner look so you can quickly understand if their skills and experience are a good match. You can now hire, pre-select and decline applications directly from the Coopler’s profile.

Tracking hours, easier than ever

  • Track hours with a QR code: we know how time-consuming it is to review the reported hours after a shift. To help you, we have created an automated check-in and check-out process, using a QR code. You just need to display this code on a digital device when your workers arrive or leave, so they can scan it with their apps to register their working hours on the fly, including their breaks.
  • Report no-shows: We hope you never have to report that a worker didn’t turn up to a shift. If this happens, you can now remove the worker from the shift immediately and report their no-show. Your feedback helps us ensure this behaviour happens less and less on our platform.

A better way to check skills

  • Add skills to your job posts: we added skills to the most popular job profiles, including waiters, chefs and warehouse assistants. When you create a job, you can now choose the most relevant skills for the position so that you attract candidates with the right experience.
  • Rate the skills of your workers: after a worker finishes a job, we ask you to rate their skills. Your ratings appear on their profile to help the best candidates be more visible on the platform. 
  • See how many companies endorsed the skills of a candidate: you can now see how many companies have endorsed the skills of a candidate. This will help you understand if they have the skills you are looking for and decide whether a particular candidate is the best fit for the job.
  • Leave us comments for bad ratings: let us know what happened in the comments when you need to leave a negative rating. Your review is only going to be visible to our team members. We use it to ensure only the best workers are on Coople.

More coming soon

We are working hard to bring you the best experience in hiring flexible workers. We will share the product updates with you as soon as we release new features. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn how things work in-depth, please check our Help Centre. Also, if you have not done so already, download the Coople for Business App to find staff on the go. 

The Coople for Business App

The Coople for Business App

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new employer app ‘Coople for Business’. Designed alongside our users, it gives employers the information they need on the go and puts all the features from the desktop version in the palm of their hand.

Introducing Coople for Business

As part of the ongoing improvements we make to our product, we regularly speak to clients big and small about what they would like to see from Coople.

Many of our clients spend large parts of their day away from their desks. Whether they’re managing a bar, overseeing an event or running an office team, they don’t always have a lot of time for planning their temporary staff requirements.

With that in mind, it became obvious to us that we needed to launch a new employer app experience. One that would deliver on the needs of our clients by putting all the features of the desktop version within the app, whilst also being designed in a clean and straightforward way in order to give users the information they need at a glance.

Those initial conversations with clients have culminated in ‘Coople for Business’. An all-new employer app that lets our users create and post jobs, review and hire applicants and even confirm hours on the go. 

Available on Google Play and the App Store, existing users can log into the app and find all their saved templates readily available, as well as their pools of favourite and previously hired workers. Put simply, it’s everything you need to stay on top of your jobs and create new ones in the palm of your hand.

Desktop updates

Not content with launching the app, we’ve also made some improvements to the desktop version, including a new job creator which boasts major changes to the dress code section.

Whereas before you had to type out your dress code, you can now select pictures of the clothing items you require workers to wear to your jobs. These pictures form part of the job description within the worker app, meaning anyone you hire will be perfectly clear on the dress code prior to turning up.

Last but by no means least, you can now edit live jobs! To make changes to any jobs you have, just head to your calendar, click the three dots next to the job and select ‘Edit job’.

We think these changes represent a real step forward in the experience we’re delivering to our clients, but we’re also really excited about the new features we’re working on. That’s why we’ll be continuing our conversations with clients of all sizes to ensure anything we build is designed with our users’ needs firmly in mind.

Get to know the new Coople Job App

Get to know the new Coople Job App

Be in charge of your work life with our new Coople Job App for Android and iOS. The simplified new design and easy-to-use features allow you to find the jobs that truly match your skills. Getting to work has never been easier. We’re confident you’ll love these features below!

The Coople Job App puts you in charge

Take control of your work life with our new job search. In the marketplace, you can use filters to find jobs that best match your profile. You only want to work on Mondays and close to home? No problem: select ‘Monday only’ in the calendar and see what’s out there for you. Are you free to work any time but want to work at least 5-hour shifts? Just increase the scale to 5 hours minimum to see all jobs with a longer duration. In addition, our algorithm will also send you requests for the jobs that match your profile, meaning you stay in charge while still seeing all our available jobs. One tip: the more regularly you log in, the more likely you are to receive requests. Our algorithm considers ‘activity’ as a metric when selecting who to notify.

All the information you need in one overview

Our new dashboard intuitively shows you everything you need to know at the right time. With your upcoming jobs, we’ll show you where and when your next shift starts. Completed a job recently? Hour confirmation and ratings are just one tap away.

Search for jobs with the map view

Try our new map function – you’ll be able to see the jobs you filtered in a map view, making it easier than ever to find that job near your location. Zooming in will show you exactly where the job is – tap it and you’re on your way to applying for it!

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