Which sectors can you find the most jobs in right now?

Which sectors can you find the most jobs in right now?

Find out which sectors have the highest demand for workers and how you can increase your chances of being hired.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the Swiss labour market and there is an increased demand for flexible workers. In autumn 2022, we expect to see most jobs in the hospitality, sales, and logistics sectors.

These job profiles are currently in high demand:

  • Waiter / waitress

  • Chef / Cook

  • Reception assistant

  • Logistician

  • Sales assistant / retail trade

  • Dishwasher

  • Promoter (consultant)

  • Craft & Assembly / Dismantling

Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of getting hired:

1. Make sure to add the relevant job profile(s) if one of the roles above interests you. The more job profiles you add, the more suitable job requests you will receive.

2. Apply for as many jobs as possible, even if they are slightly outside your comfort zone. Be open to new opportunities and do not let rejection discourage you! We recommend you to apply for last-minute jobs, jobs with night shifts or jobs with the “be an early applicant” label, as the chances of getting hired are higher.

3. Does your Coople profile represent you well? Your CV should show your most important work experiences. A good profile picture also helps to make a strong first impression. Make sure that your profile is up-to-date and represents your best self when the job requests come in.

4. Log into the Coople Job App regularly to search for jobs proactively. By logging in, you signal your interest in our jobs and we will send you more requests.

Good luck with your job search!

Receive up to 5,000 francs for your further education

Receive up to 5,000 francs for your further education

Many of you are entitled to receiving money for further education! As a Coopler, you benefit from the “GAV staff leasing” collective bargaining agreement. This governs all the framework conditions for fair and legally compliant employment.

What many Cooplers don’t know: if you have worked at least 88 hours via Coople in the past 12 months, you are one of the lucky people who are entitled to up to 5’000 francs for a training course and potentially up to 2’250 francs for loss of earnings!

Have you noticed that in addition to your social security contributions, 0.7 percent is deducted for the “GAV” on your Coople payslip? Among other things, these contributions are paid into the temptraining further training fund. If you would like to attend a training course in the near future, regardless of whether you are interested in languages, occupational safety, computing or specific professional training, it is worth checking your bursary eligibility.

The amount of money you can receive depends on the number of temporary hours you have worked over the past 12 months. To make use of this opportunity, you will need to meet the following conditions:

  • The application for a bursary must be submitted to temptraining BEFORE the start of the training.
    However, you must first finance the further education yourself. You will only receive the bursary from temptraining after you have completed 80% of the course. If a course has already begun, you will unfortunately not receive any money for it, but you can already start looking for a next training.
  • You fall under the staff leasing collective bargaining agreement or your last employment was no more than 12 months ago and you have worked at least 88 hours.
    That corresponds to approximately two weeks of full-time workload. If you work as a temp on different platforms which are subject to the staff leasing collective bargaining agreement, you can add these work hours together.
  • The further education keeps you in good shape for the labour market or contributes to your professional development.
    Courses for professional reorientation are therefore also supported. The further education selected must be held in Switzerland and in one of the numerous schools recognised by temptraining.

How to receive your money: this offer is not operated by Coople, but entirely by temptraining directly through the temp staff training fund. You must submit your application to temptraining BEFORE the further education begins and wait for the results. You must pay the costs of the course yourself and attend at least 80% of the course. You must then submit all necessary proof and the cash granted will be transferred to you by temptraining.

Three questions to the Head of temptraining, Claudio Trenna:

imageIn 2019, about 11,000 applications were submitted with 8,400 of these being approved. What is the main reason for an application being rejected?
The main reason for rejection is an application being submitted too late. Applications are also rejected if they do not meet the temptraining requirements (e.g. insufficient work hours documented, courses held abroad or in schools which are not recognised by temptraining).

Only 17% of applicants are women. Is there any reason for this?
There are more men in the pool of temp staff. The main reason for this lies in the mix of sectors and skills. Temporary workers play an important buffer role in the construction and industrial sectors during peak periods. Both sectors employ far more men than women. (Source: swissstaffing, temp staff in Switzerland 2018)

Which type of training is most in demand?
Depending on the sector of activity, different courses are in demand. Language courses – especially in the national languages of DE, FR, and IT – and occupational safety courses are often requested. There is also considerable interest in courses for fork-lift drivers and machinists as well as in different business courses.

Detailed information, explanatory videos, examples of allowances, and much more can be found at www.temptraining.ch. If you have any questions, you can reach temptraining by calling 044 388 95 30 (Mon. to Fri.: 10 a.m. – 12 noon and 1.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.) or at info@temptraining.ch.

So what are you waiting for? You can find your payslips in your Coople Jobs App: get your calculators out, count up your hours, find a course and send your application to temptraining!

Happy learning!

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Photo competition for Cooplers

Photo competition for Cooplers

We recently launched a photo competition to spotlight the exceptional work and talent within our community. If you missed the initial announcement, do not worry. There is still plenty of time to get involved for the chance to win 100 Swiss Francs and be featured on our pages! Read on for more background information on why we’re doing this competition and how you can participate.

We want to spotlight you at work

Over the last couple of months, Coople has started to look different. We’ve transitioned to using black and white visuals and our Coople pink is now reserved for accents and highlights. As our brand evolves, we want to highlight the expertise of our flexible employees and emphasise their versatility, talent, and commitment at work. The most authentic way to do this is to use real photos of real Cooplers.

Between 8th October – 1st November, we encourage you to send in photos showcasing yourself and your skills at work. A public vote will determine the three winning photos. We will reward the three Cooplers who gather the most votes with 100 Swiss Francs each!

What we’re looking for

We want to spotlight the versatility, professionalism and ambition of our Cooplers at work. We want to see photos that truly demonstrate the quality of our workforce – this means no selfies, no blurry images and no leisure related pictures.

Camera shy? No problem. Since we are looking for examples of exemplary workers, we’re focusing on your skills and dedication in the workplace. As long as we can clearly see your committed attitude at work, there’s no problem if your face is not the central focus. Just be sure to showcase your skills!
If you would like more information on our photo guidelines, click here for our tips on how you can submit your best photos and the competition terms and conditions.

How to enter

To take part in our photo competition for Cooplers, simply fill in the form with your contact details and submit your best photo at this link, or by hitting the button below. Make sure to click the enter button to complete your entry! You can submit as many pictures as you like to increase your chances of winning.
Please note that each submitted photo will be reviewed by Coople. Once it has been approved, it will be displayed in the public gallery for voting. You can vote once a day and of course, invite your friends and family to vote as well.

Best of luck – we look forward to seeing you at work!

How to find work during a pandemic: pieces of advice from our Corona Heroes

How to find work during a pandemic: pieces of advice from our Corona Heroes

During times of hardship, community is more important than ever. That’s why we have reached out to Cooplers who were incredibly active and worked a lot of shifts during the pandemic to share their secrets to success with the rest of our communityYou might have seen them on our social channels a couple of weeks agoThese unwavering members of our community have stepped up to share their advice and experience to help you on your way to success. 

We’ve received a lot of amazing feedback and advice and summarized them here. We encourage you to heed their learnings and apply their advice to supplement your own working journey.  

Our Corona Heroes advise you to: 

  • Be sure to complete your profile and make sure it is in the best shape it can be! Upload and update your CV with your most relevant work experience and ensure you have uploaded all the relevant job profiles (with suitable experience levels) to your account 
  • Following on the last point, ensure that you have completed the “About Me” section of your profile – this is your chance to sell your skills and suitability to companies, so be sure to make the most of this space with a few short sentences! Upon reading, companies should be able to tell that you are a reliable and motivated worker 
  • Talk to companies you have previously worked with through Coople and let your enthusiasm and reliability be known! Let companies know that you are ready and willing to work under new safety measures or adjusted hours. Most companies are happy to rely on the support of Cooplers during such tough times, so be proactive in reaching out at the end of your current shift! 
  • Talk to co-workers at your shift. They often know a lot about the workplace you’re at and if there might even be a longer-term job opportunity. And even if not, you don’t lose anything by widening your network and getting to know new people.  
  • Turn on notifications and job requests to avoid missing out on new opportunities as they come in. Try to apply as quickly as possible so companies can see your application right away! 
  • Check the app regularly and consider expanding your search radius and the scope of jobs you are willing to do 
  • Apply for as many jobs as possible, even if they are not the kind of jobs you would typically apply forThink about the needs of workplaces and remain flexible to new opportunities that come your way. Don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t let rejection get to you  it’s inevitable, especially in such times of crisis, but all you need is just one acceptance to lead to success! 

Once again, thanks from all of us at Coople to our hardworking Corona Heroes for your tireless efforts! On the behalf of the rest of our community, we thanand applaud you for selflessly sharing your advice as community mentors 

If you are looking for more tips and tricks to increase your hireability, make sure to give our help centre and other blog articles a read! Here are a few other articles you might be interested in reading… 

Increase productivity with flexible staff

Increase productivity with flexible staff

How the RHIAG Group introduced new processes, reorganized its warehouses and incrased productivity with the help of flexible staff.


The RHIAG Group is the Italian market leader and a fast growing company in the sale of automotive spare parts. New internal processes were introduced at the beginning of the year to increase productivity. These processes included the labelling of hundreds of products as well as the relocation and reorganization of the entire warehouse. The accomplishment of these tasks was only possible with the support of Coople and our pool of flexible staff.

Especially in their logistics department, RHIAG aims to work with the same flexible workers as much as possible to keep the onboarding cost for new workers low. The recruitment of such flexible workers is carried out by the respective department heads and not by the HR department, which means that, prior to using Coople, too much time had been spent on recruitment and personnel administration.

Their main challenges when they came to Coople can be summarised as:

  • Fluctuating staffing needs due to varying business cycles
  • Availability of the same flexible workers at all times, in order to keep onboarding costs low
  • Too much time spent on recruiting and personnel administration, especially for flexible logistics staff

imageHow did Coople help?

Throughout the year, the RHIAG Group relies on flexible staff to support its core teams during peak periods. Coople’s flexible employees allow permanent staff to be relieved of workloads. This enables our customer to maintain employee efficiency and increase productivity. In addition, department managers can fully focus on their core tasks again by outsourcing the recruitment and personnel administration of flexible logistics staff to Coople. Thanks to the favorites pool that has been built up, the company can always work with the same people who already know the internal processes and no longer need any further introductions.

Result: Flexible staff made a difference

  • Availability & Quality: 24/7 access to a pool of favorites with 40 flexible employees
  • Speed: Qualified applicants apply within minutes after job activation
  • Recruitment outsourced: Flexible logistics staff is sourced via Coople to allow more time for core tasks


What the client said about us:

I appreciate the flexibility of Coople and think the concept is great. It’s the ideal solution for the RHIAG Group.

Zoran Dotlo
Head of Logistics, RHIAG Group Ltd.