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It can become quite hectic at an airport. It is a dynamic place, operated by people behind the scenes who keep things running smoothly. One of them is Thomas, one of our Cooplers, who has worked more than 100 shifts at Zurich Airport over the last two years. In this interview, he speaks about his life as a Coopler, the experiences he has had and about the benefits that hiring temporary staff can bring to a company.

Thomas registered with Coople two years ago, driven by the desire to use the spare time he had while being self-employed and to help others. „It meant a lot to me to be able to give something back to the people,” he says. He didn’t just want to donate money. He rather wanted to see an immediate effect of his efforts. So he decided to work as passenger assistant at Zurich Airport.

Looking back on his time so far at Coople, Thomas explains how rewarding it is to meet a lot of people and to be able to manage his schedule flexibly without being stuck in stiff structures. But not only workers like Thomas take advantage of this opportunity. When asked which benefits there are for companies, he points out the flexibility of employing temporary staff: „It’s of great advantage for the company if they have no restrictions in terms of staff planning.”

The advantage of temporary staff for companies

As a Coopler, Thomas has specific skills and qualities thatare very valuable to a company like Zurich Airport. „I have a strong hands-on mentality and I recognise the work that needs to be done,” he says. His open-mindedness and friendliness are well-received in passenger care.

Thomas is convinced that temporary staff adds a fresh breeze to the company and helps to identify unrecognised opportunities for improvement. The flexibility of temporary staff allows companies to react quickly to changes in the workload and fluctuating requirements. This is especially valuable for companies facing seasonal fluctuations so they can remain competitive and efficient.

Thomas’s memorable moments with Coople

At the end of our interview, Thomas shares some special memorable moments from the job, most notably experiencing Zurich Airport behind the scenes: „The airport is a brilliant facility, and it has been fascinating to learn how everything is linked up. I wouldn’t have experienced that without Coople.” But also bumping into celebrities like Mike Tyson or Roger Federer were among his highlights in the last couple of years.

Coople’s flexibility: an advantage for companies and employees

Thanks to platforms like Coople, companies can react quickly and easily to their staffing needs. They have access to temporary workers when they need extra support, be it due to seasonal peaks or unforeseen bottlenecks.

On the other hand, Coople offers employees like Thomas the flexibility to adapt their working hours to their own needs and to get to know different industries and companies.