Immerse yourself in the inspiring story of Elmedina Guri, a Graduate nurse with a PET diploma, and discover how she made a successful new start after a period of intense burnout and professional withdrawal. This story shows how Coople enables healthcare workers to manage their individual career paths in a more flexible and self-determined way, which not only increases their satisfaction but also their motivation to work.


From dedication to exhaustion

Elmedina, a Graduate nurse with a PET diploma, had worked with dedication for many years in a retirement and nursing home. In addition to her regular nursing duties, she took on the responsibility of being the head of training for healthcare assistants (with VET diploma) and Graduate nurses (with a PET diploma). She was also floor manager, BESA representative (resident classification and billing system) and deputy head of nursing services. Her life revolved around her job, at the expense of her leisure time.

As a result of work overload and lack of rest, Elmedina had to take a leave of absence for more than six months due to prolonged burnout. Despite the challenges of nursing, the desire to return to her passion and work in her old job grew during this period of recovery.

«Despite the poor working conditions in nursing, it was and is my absolute dream job to work as a Graduate nurse».


The challenge of returning to work

Returning to her old job proved to be more complicated than expected: teamwork and dealing with people had to be relearned after the long break. After a week of reintegration, Elmedina suffered a relapse and realised that she needed a fresh start in a new company.

After two months of searching, Elmedina discovered Coople through her sister. The app enabled her to independently find suitable jobs that matched her skills and wishes. Thanks to Coople, Elmedina was able to return to work step by step. She started with flexible jobs of two to three days a week, and within three months had progressed to a full-time position.


Personal success and professional growth

This success story reflects not only Elmedina’s personal success but also our mission to enable people to lead more flexible and empowered lives according to their needs.

The ease of use of the app enabled Elmedina to easily search for suitable jobs and apply quickly. The flexibility and autonomy were exactly what she needed. The variety of Coople jobs in the healthcare sector not only helped Elmedina become more confident, but also gave her new experiences. The opportunity to work in different organisations and learn new things became an important part of her personal and professional development.

Today, Elmedina works around 90% of her time as a Graduate nurse through Coople and enjoys the freedom of not being tied to a fixed company. This independence allows her to plan her life better and make her own decisions.


More than a professional success

A particularly heartwarming memory of her Coople assignments is the laughter she gets from patients in her current job. Coople has not only made professional success possible but also the creation of friendships with like-minded people.

Elmedina is already actively recommending Coople to others. The ease of use, the well-paid jobs and the flexibility make the app a unique support for her on her way back to work. Her final feedback on Coople: «Quick responses and a friendly team that is always ready to listen to my concerns».


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