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Coople - Your
logistics staffing agency.

A transparent and cost-efficient way to find manual,
certified or licensed workers.

Find logistics staff on-demand.

With Coople, post everything from long-term jobs to late cover shifts for the staff you need. We match you to the vetted workers that are right for you. Our talent pool includes:




Lorry Drivers (over 3.5 T)


Drivers (up to 3.5T)


Forklift drivers

hire logisticians

Clients we’ve helped.

Coople’s logistics temp agency has helped clients with warehouses and stockrooms of all sizes to easily scale their workforce up and down to meet changes in demand and ensure business continuity.

logistics customers

Coople’s on-demand logistics temp agency can help

We understand the unique challenges involved in warehouse staffing. A flexible staffing strategy can help you solve many of these.

Finding staff for unsociable hours

With shift coverage of more than 90%, Coople is your reliable partner for filling staffing rotas around the clock.

Making your staffing responsive

Build your own talent pools of high-quality, vetted workers by adding them as favourites. Read more about this functionality here.

Hiring for specific skill sets

Whether you need manual workers or skilled staff for your logistics business, Coople will end your frustrating trial and error approach. With our smart filtering you can send job postings directly to workers you have previously hired, who have the relevant job experiences for your vacancy, and who have the skills and certificates you require.

Logistician at work

How other clients benefit from Coople’s logistics temp agency

We are proud of our workers and so are our clients. Read more about how we improve flexibility and responsiveness in logistics staffing and what it is like to work with Coople.

STEF Switzerland Ltd

See how STEF Switzerland Ltd. overcome volatility in demand for frozen products.

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Europe’s largest online pharmacy

See how Europe’s largest online pharmacies was able to hire workers within hours to meet skyrocketing orders during the initial spikes of Covid-19.

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Flaschenpost Services AG

See how Flaschenpost, a large online wine store adapted to huge increases in demand comfortably by building a pool of qualified, flexible “favourites” with Coople.

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