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Payrolling services and flexible worker management in one platform.

Recruit your own workers but leave complicated contracts, administration and payroll to Coople. Use our intuitive platform or the Coople for Business App to coordinate your workers’ flexible schedules.

Swiss payrolling is complex

Have you found your perfect candidates but struggle with compliance? Outsourcing your flexible workers can save you lots of time and money. With CooplePayrolling, we become the legal employer of your staff. We’ll take care of employment contracts, payrolling, insurance, work permits, sickness and accident reports and more.

When should you consider outsourcing your workers

Admin and payroll are bottlenecks for your flexibility

Strong businesses adapt fast to change. If bringing flexibility to your teams makes your payroll overly complicated, it’s time to move to a digital platform that helps you scale and be compliant. Change legal risk for competitive advantage.

You are also hiring part-time workers

Traditional payroll solutions are not designed to manage flexible staff who work at less than 40% capacity or varying hours. If your admin team gets overwhelmed with ongoing calculations for pay and holiday entitlements, you probably need a better solution.

You are growing and your HR tools no longer scale

Spreadsheets and online wage calculators are good solutions for small enterprises with low volume operations. If your business is growing, these tools will block your ability to scale and manage sensitive data securely.

Payrolling made easy

With CooplePayrolling, you find qualified workers, we employ them, and they deliver value to the company. You are free from administrative and HR obligations. Employer risks are also outsourced. All this while your staff is always available to work with you.

Our digital platform lets you:

  • Recruit your preferred workers
  • Onboard them to the Coople platform to outsource all admin and payroll
  • Provide a great experience to your workers, who can build their own schedules via our App and receive world-class support from us
  • Easily manage your workers’ flexible schedules
  • Pay a reduced fee factor for the workers you brought to Coople

And if you need additional workers, you can simply hire and manage them within the same app via our CoopleFlex Solution.

How to get started

 1.  Introductory call
Speak to a CooplePayrolling specialist from your industry. They will show you how the Coople platform works and answer all your questions.
2. Terms and services agreement
We will agree terms that reflect your business and hiring needs. These depend on the number of workers, hiring frequency, the duration of the contract, and the level of service you require.
Our platform is available 24/7 and you can easily do all planning and hiring yourself. However, if you prefer to leave the work to our experienced team, we’ll be happy to discuss our service packages with you.
3. Worker transition
Once terms have been agreed, a dedicated account manager will work with you to transition your workers to Coople. We are known for providing excellent support to all our workers. Whether they have technical questions, need help with their paychecks, or are looking for training, our team can help. And if they don’t work full-time for you, the Coople platform provides them with lots of opportunities for finding additional shifts to top up their income.
4. Hiring process
Once your workers have transitioned to Coople, you can plan and schedule their shifts via our platform. Track shifts and get billed monthly, only for the hours worked.

Why choose CooplePayrolling?

Reduce risk and costs

Outsource your staff to Coople. You keep full control of recruiting and scheduling. We handle everything else. The best part is: you only pay a reduced factor for the workers you brought to Coople.

Make planning easier for your part-time workers

CooplePayrolling includes scheduling functionality that makes it easy to plan, automate check-in check-out and calculate your costs for hourly workers from any device. Your workers will love this – they get to select which shifts work best for them.

Use one solution

When you need additional workers – hire with CoopleFlex in just a few clicks. Pay only for hours worked with no minimum spend.

A rewarding way to hire and schedule workers

Learn more about how Coople’s payrolling solution can improve productivity and reduce your admin costs.