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Coople - Your
healthcare staffing agency.

Fill gaps in your rotas or relieve your core team with additional support.
Coople’s digital staffing agency matches you with high quality vetted staff on demand.

Staff your medical team flexibly.

Add flexibility to your teams, cover planned absences like holidays or fill short-term gaps in your staffing rotas. Our talent pool includes:


Graduate Nurse (UAS BSc or PET diploma)


Care experts (postgraduates)


Healthcare assistant with a Federal VET Diploma


Social care worker with a Federal VET Diploma


Medical practice assistant with a Federal VET Diploma


Medical secretary


Health and social care worker with a Federal VET Certificate


Nursing assistant RC


Physiotherapists / occupational therapists


and many more...

hire retail staff

How Coople was able to support the Department of Health of the Canton Zurich in workforce planning and staff administration as part of the vaccination campaign.

During the peak of the pandemic, a total of 11 vaccination centres were made available in the canton of Zurich – in addition to other vaccination options – as the main channel. For this one-time and time-limited project, which was characterised by high staffing demands, fluctuating staffing needs and short planning horizons, the Department of Health was looking for a staffing partner. They found an ideal partner to implement a flexible staffing strategy in Coople .


Could a digital staffing agency be the right solution for you?

Flexible staffing strategies can solve many of the challenges healthcare providers struggle with:

Overstretched core teams

In teams that already operate at capacity, planned absences like holidays can easily overwhelm the rest of the team. On the Coople platform, you can build your own pool of favourite, flexible workers who already know your processes and can jump in to cover.

Hiring for specific skills

Our algorithms can match you instantly with those individuals who fit your specific skill requirements, are local, and currently available. The more specific your requirements, the bigger the advantages of technology.

Last minute covers

Emergencies can happen, but they don’t have to turn into problems. We have provided staff in less than an hour when our clients faced unplanned absences at the last minute.


More than 30,000 businesses globally trust our platform

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