Coople, the leading platform for digital staffing, has set a record by reaching the milestone of 600,000 registered workers. This achievement reflects the company’s exponential growth over the past few years. Coople recognized the trend towards digital recruitment at an early stage, consistently followed this approach, and has now built Switzerland’s largest worker community. In just one year, the company has registered over 110,000 new users.

Yves Schneuwly, CCO of Coople, describes the success story as follows:

“Coople was born in 2009. Our digital platform was designed from the outset for temporary work. As a global pioneer and trailblazer in the field of staffing innovation, we open completely new perspectives for flexible workers. Our cutting-edge product features set the standard and are unparalleled. This takes us to a new level of understanding and application of technology that directly impacts the user experience. The fact that our workers appreciate this is evident from our growth figures. We are currently experiencing an increase of almost 10,000 new registrations per month.”

This impressive increase in popularity has attracted interest from a wide range of industries. As more and more companies from different sectors join the platform and independently use its innovative staffing solution, Coople continues to bridge the gap between qualified workers and companies, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to its core mission: matching talented workers with the right companies at the right time. For the seventh year in a row, Coople has received the highest rating in the category ” Best Recruiter for Temporary Work 2023″ from Handelszeitung, PME, and the statistical company Statista.

Flexible working remains popular

The international “Global Talent Study” of 2021 shows that 84% of employees in Switzerland would like to be able to benefit from flexible working hours. A recent survey by swissstaffing also shows that more and more people are consciously opting for temporary working models. According to the study, the meaning of work, autonomy, and work-life balance have become more important, while the desire for security remains constant. Temporary work serves as both a bridge to permanent employment and provides optimal conditions for workers seeking more flexibility. An internal survey conducted by Coople in June confirms the trend: 80% of respondents wish to work flexibly, at least partially.

Particularly in times of skills and labour shortages, the unlimited flexibility that Coople offers its employees is a vital tool in attracting, retaining, and even reintegrating people who want to return to work. Combined with its commitment to matching qualified workers with the right companies, the company has firmly established itself as a leader in the digital staffing industry. Since August 2011, the Coople Jobs app has been publicly and freely available. Workers can use it to find temporary jobs according to their preferences and flexibility.

On a European level, Coople is in the final stretch of the race to one million registered workers. The company is expected to reach the seven-digit user milestone before the end of the year.

About Coople

Since its founding in Zurich in 2009, Coople has developed into Europe’s largest digital
platform for staff leasing with over 950,000 registered workers and 30,000 companies. The
company places flexible workers for short- and long-term assignments in the areas of
healthcare, gastronomy, hotel business, retail, aviation, logistics, events and promotion as well
as in the commercial sector.