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Coople has received the award “Best Recruiters for Temporary Work” for the 7th time running.

The annual survey to find the best staffing agencies in Switzerland is conducted by the Handelszeitung and the statistics company Statista. Coople received the highest rating in the category “Best Recruiter for Temporary Work”.

Yves Schneuwly, CCO of Coople,: “The seventh consecutive award as Best Recruiter for Temporary Work is a great success for Coople and underlines our commitment to keep improving every day. We have a unique growth story that has shown us that we now play in the same league as the big traditional competitors. As a digital-native, we are in a unique position to lead the candidates, the hiring companies, and the industry into digital staffing and we see its digitalisation as an opportunity to improve efficiency, quality, and transparency for all parties involved.”

Between the 11th of September and the 3rd of November 2023, Statista asked HR managers of companies, recruitment agencies, and candidates about their experience with staffing agencies. More than 7,000 HR managers and recruitment agencies received an invitation to participate in the online survey directly by email. These results were then used to identify the best recruiters.