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You can post on our platform 24/7 and find hotel staff solutions within hours. We’ll match your request with the best, vetted workers, who are ready to work. Choose from our pool which includes: 

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Our hospitality clients

Restaurants, bars, catering businesses and hotels of all sizes rely on Coople’s platform for finding high-quality staff. These include national chains, boutiques and independents:

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Reach your goals with on-demand hospitality staffing.

A flexible workforce can help solve many of the unique challenges involved in staffing:

Reduce time to hire

80% of all jobs are staffed the same day.

Hiring for specific skill sets

Filter for silver service, cocktail making or other specific skills. Use verified work histories and prior job ratings to make staffing decisions confidently.

Easy scheduling when demand is irregular

Find staff on the go with our app, save time with job templates and hire from your personalised favourites pool.

hospitality staffing solutions

Case studies

Check out our case studies for more on how we improve hospitality staffing solutions and discover what it’s like to work with Coople:

Deliveroo Editions

See how Deliveroo Editions managed surges in demand during COVID-19.

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Meet a Coopler

See how Amanda uses our platform to work flexibly as a chef

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Pergola Paddington

See how Pergola overcame weather-dependent demand with flexible hospitality staff

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Advantages with Coople

Maximise your profits

Increase revenue by adjusting your team in real-time to match fluctuating demand. Reduce costs by outsourcing admin and payroll.

Hire fully vetted workers

Digital job agencies like Coople put you in control. With clear information you can easily make the right hiring decisions. All workers are vetted for work permits and experience.

Gain flexibility

Unlike traditional recruitment companies, the Coople platform allows you to build your own pool of trusted, flexible staff. Manage peaks in demand and cover absences in just a few clicks.

Shift Planning Overview
Coople Platform

This is how digital staffing works

Whether you want to hire flexibly or permanently, outsource recruitment or administration, we are your ideal partner.


The right workers on demand: Access a huge pool of temporary, external workers, find staff and hire the right candidates to build your own flexible talent pool — all in one place, 24/7.


First test, then hire permanently: With Coople, you can hire temporarily and offer permanent work to the people who fit into your team and whom you trust.

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