Pergola Paddington, one of the largest outdoor venues in London, often experiences fluctuating demand due to the weather. During sunny weather, demand can double within hours. Therefore, responsive staffing offers them the flexibility they need to scale their team up and down quickly. With the help of Coople, Pergola were able to successfully find the flexible hospitality staff they needed. This meant that they were able to ensure quality customer service, without expensive administration and payroll fees.

How Coople helped Pergola find skilled, flexible hospitality staff

With Coople, Pergola were able to ensure that sales were not capped and that labour costs were tightly controlled to protect budgets, all while providing customers with a quality guest experience. Pergola were also able to build a pool of ‘favourite’ flexible hospitality workers to rely on as an extension to their core team.

The challenge

  • Managing staffing levels at short notice in line with demand, which is heavily influenced by the weather
  • Ensuring a positive customer experience
  • Hiring high-quality, flexible hospitality staff across a range of job profiles, including bartenders, barbacks, floor staff, hosts, runners and toilet attendants

The solution

For the past few years, Pergola Paddington has hired flexible staff to keep tight control of their labour costs, maximise their revenue and provide first class customer satisfaction. Even during their busiest periods they can manage their staffing levels easily. This is how Pergola overcame demand challenges:

Job publication: Pergola selected the wage, role and experience they needed. Afterwards, they were able to publish jobs in minutes.

Matching and reviewing: the Coople algorithm then matched and returned the best suited workers. Pergola were able to review the applicants based on their CV and star rating before hiring.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Pergola reviewed the hours and added their best workers to their ‘favourites’ pool. Afterwards, the Coople platform handled all the administration and payroll.

The results

Last minute, professional staff: hired up to 10 professional, flexible hospitality staff across multiple job profiles at short notice on sunny days

Reliable workers: successfully built a pool of reliable ‘favourite’ workers over the past two years as an extension to their core team

Time and cost efficiency: large amount of time saved on recruiting and the ability to flex their workforce as required.

What Pergola think of us:

“Coople have supported our sites with seasonal staff for almost two years. Qualified seasonal staff can be difficult to find in London, but we have been impressed with the high-quality of flexible hospitality workers hired. Coople have been great, providing us the extra help needed to ensure we’re always covered during our super busy spring and summer period. The platform is very easy to use, the staff are flexible, and our pool of favourite workers gladly pick up extra shifts when we really need them.”

Aleksandr Nikolajev, General Manager

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