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How to hire kitchen staff | Coople UK

Are you wondering how to hire kitchen staff for your restaurant or venue? With Coople, you can access our pool of over 200,000 on-demand workers with verified skill levels, experiences and ratings to fulfil your business needs today. To help you hire kitchen staff for your role, we’ve provided a kitchen assistant job description below.

kitchen assistant duties include washing dishes

By providing a clear, realistic expectations in your kitchen assistant job description, you can ensure that you find the right kitchen staff to support your business. This will save you time when you make hiring choices.

A good kitchen assistant job description should include the following information: 

What kind of kitchen assistant responsibilities do you need fulfilling? 

For example:
  • Prepping (eg. Washing, peeling, chopping and cutting) ingredients
  • Disposing of rubbish.
  • Ensuring food preparation areas are clean and orderly.
  • Sorting, storing and distributing ingredients.
  • Unloading deliveries.
  • Using a variety of kitchen equipment, such as mixers, knives and cutters.

If you need more details about the usual kitchen assistant job descriptions including salaries, we invite you to read the official national descriptions.

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Which skills should you highlight in your kitchen assistant job description? 

If no specific experience is required, you should still say, for example: 
  • No previous experience needed.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Plenty of stamina, able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.
  • Great team player with an enthusiastic, can-do attitude.
  • Ability to listen and learn – fast!
If specific experience or particular skills are required, be sure to specify what you need. For example: 
  • 1 year+ experience food prep.
  • Level 2 award in Food Safety.
  • Level 1 certificate in General Cookery.
screenshot of the coople jobs app with kitchen assistant job profile

What can candidates expect at your business? 

It’s a good idea to explain what candidates should expect and prepare for in your kitchen assistant job description. This could include: 
  • Specific uniform requirements – be sure to state whether or not uniform such as safety shoes and hairnets will be provided.
  • Knowledge or use of heavy machinery and equipment. If this is required for the role, please make sure to state so clearly in the job description.
  • If the role is temporary, or if there’s temp-to-perm opportunities.
  • Key benefits such as paid training, referral bonuses, increased holiday entitlements for long-term workers, etc.
kitchen assistant washing pots as part of their duties

Your kitchen assistant job description should be clear and informative to help make sure that only the right candidates apply. This will help to make the right recruitment decisions when looking to hire kitchen staff. Additionally, when you provide our candidates with all the information they need to succeed, they will be able to do their best for your business.

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