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How to find catering staff for hire with Coople

Coople connects you with the right staff you need at the right time. To help you find the right candidates for your role, we’ve provided a catering assistant job description template below. 

catering assistant putting out food at table

To find the right staff for your team, it’s important to provide clear and realistic expectations in your catering assistant job description. Providing the essential information, such as catering assistant duties and responsibilities, allows candidates to decide whether they’ll be suitable for the role.

What responsibilities should you mention in your catering assistant job description?

  • Meeting with clients to plan and decide on menu offerings.
  • Assisting with the food and beverage preparation.
  • Communicating with food and equipment rental vendors to pre-order and receive necessary supplies.
  • Cooking and plating menu items.
  • Stocking supplies and maintaining inventory to ensure there is no shortage of supplies.
  • Handling bill enquiries.
  • Ensuring that all kitchen and service areas are clean and tidy.
  • Ensuring health and safety regulations are closely followed.

If you would like more insights into the usual catering assistant profiles including salaries, we invite you to  read the official national descriptions.

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Which skills do your catering staff need to have?

To ensure you find the best candidates, you will need to highlight the skills and experience you are looking for in your catering assistant job description. If no specific experience is required, you should still say, for example:
  • No previous experience needed.
  • Ability to work independently and/or as a team member.
  • Must demonstrate ability to think on their feet and work under pressure
  • Ability to multitask effectively.
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills.
  • Well-versed in food safety and handling.
  • Highly energetic and motivated, must be enthusiastic and willing to interact with guests to provide a quality customer experience.
  • Good physical stamina to walk and stand for extended periods of time.
If specific skills or minimum experience is required, please specify in your catering assistant job description. For example:
  • 6 months+ work experience as a catering assistant.
  • Food handler certificates may be required. If this is the case, certificates from such as the Certified Professional in Catering and Events, ServSafe Food Handler certification and Alcohol certification may be specifically requested.
job profile page for catering assistants

What catering staff should expect and prepare for at your facility

It’s important to mention what candidates can expect and how they can best prepare in your catering assistant job description. For example:
  • Specific uniform requirements and whether or not uniform (eg. Hair nets and safety shoes) will be provided.
  • Food health and safety training. If this is mandatory, be sure to state this clearly in the job description.
catering assistant in kitchen with fresh vegtables

A detailed job description is an effective one. Providing the necessary information regarding experience and skill criteria in your catering assistant job description increases your chances that only the right candidates apply. This will save you time when you make hiring choices. More importantly, when you give our candidates the information they need to succeed, they will be very motivated to do a great job.

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