Fluctuations are inevitable – especially in times of uncertainty. Since the initial outbreak of coronavirus, markets have remained unpredictable with multiple lockdowns significantly impacting business demand. Though navigating through the COVID-19 crisis remains challenging, the onset of the pandemic has made one thing clear: flexibility and digitalisation are no longer “nice to have” perks. They are now essential for maximising profit, reducing financial risk and successful growth.

Why responsive staffing matters

Scheduling team rotas can be challenging even with proper planning. That’s because irregular demand is difficult to plan for. When emergencies happen, managers often hire whoever is available, not the best person for the job. Hiring the wrong staff can be a costly, complex and time consuming process. Previous survey research indicates that the consequences of a bad hire include lost productivity, higher recruitment costs and lost business opportunities and revenue . This is even more evident in context of a pandemic, where hiring activity has altered dramatically around the globe with 38% of companies pausing their recruitment efforts as a result of COVID-19 . Still, workforce quality remains a priority for 60% of global businesses. It’s evident that in the current climate, hiring the right person is more important than ever.

As the economy stutters through the challenges of COVID-19, some businesses have successfully adapted their staffing strategy to scale up and down with health & safety guidelines and irregular demand. They couldn’t have done it without the right staffing partner.

Why your current solution might not be up to the task

Many traditional staffing solutions can’t keep up with highly fluctuating demand and uncertain market conditions, mostly for the following reasons:

Increasing the workload of your core team can backfire: asking the core team to work overtime or on reduced hours can lead to payroll and contractual complexities, making it slow to act. This approach can also cause friction in the team, especially if workers have limited input into scheduling. You might lose your team over this if you do it too often.

Traditional workforce management tools don’t scale easily: tools that enable the core team to self-schedule and managers to integrate their network of flexible workers lead to more transparency and increase efficiency of internal processes. However, such solutions are limited by the size of the manager’s network. They are only scalable if they enable access to a steadily growing number of fully vetted flexible workers.

Traditional temp agencies provide a convenient solution for improving staff coverage. Some can occasionally handle short-term requests, but few can help in emergencies when last-minute cover is needed for self-isolating employees or for meeting sudden surges in demand. This is because their operations are geared towards manual processing. At the same time, hiring companies increasingly demand more control over who they hire as well as real-time information on the status of the vacancy. This can lead to tension and failure when working with traditional recruitment agencies. As businesses plan for a post-pandemic workforce, more and more organisations are turning towards automation and digital transformation as a proven, seamless staffing solution.

What does a future-proof staffing model look like?

Getting responsive staffing right might be complex, but the solution needn’t be. A great solution should:

  • Only charge for completed shifts for ‘true’ responsiveness
  • Allow you to agree on work contracts in a fair, efficient and frictionless way, even at a short notice
  • Provide access to a large pool of fully vetted workers
  • Handle complex shift requirements on demand
  • Allow you to choose who you hire and offer full financial transparency
  • Allow you to build your own pool of favorite workers who are accessible on demand

Does your staffing strategy tick all of these boxes?

Crisis-proof staffing with Coople

We provide an all-in-one staffing solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to reduce hiring risk or overcome operational gaps, you can future-proof your business strategy with Coople’s flexible platform.

  • Cost transparency – pay for completed shifts only. Access line-item breakdown of fees, salaries and national insurance for every shift hour
  • Real-time matching  of your job postings with all qualified workers on the platform
  • Assured quality through transparency – see job histories, ratings from other employers and which favorites pools they are part of. Never recruit blind again
  • Build your own ‘favorites’ pool  - save lists of favorite workers you trust and auto-hire and auto-schedule for hyper-responsiveness
  • End-to-end convenience  with one solution from sourcing to payroll, saving hiring managers time. You can modify and reschedule hours efficiently, even on the go

Are you exploring solutions? See how we helped Deliveroo Editions, Financial Times, Budgens and Soho Sandwich find the right staff flexibly.

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