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The world of work is rapidly changing with the increasingly common option of working flexibly in the gig economy. We’re witnessing a fundamental change in the way people want to work and according to Wired magazine, more people will be committed to flexible “gig economy employment” than conventional full-time employment by 2050 – a prediction which is only reinforced by the UK’s recent 21% increase in part-time workers from 2012 to 2016 (Labour Bulletin Survey 2017).

Flexible, part-time jobs give you the opportunity to break free from strict work hours and routine day-to-day responsibilities. Like a large number of millennials today, you’re maybe not ready to commit to a full-time position or you’re simply not sure which direction to take. If this is the case, working flexibly in the gig economy could be a great alternative for you to try out different roles in various sectors. Here are five key points, which highlight the benefits of the gig economy.

Endless possibilities

Working flexibly allows you to get experience, expand your skills and build your CV in different sectors. This can then help you figure out what industry suits you best and what you’re good at.  If you’re already set on a specific sector, it allows you to pick and choose job opportunities within different companies so you can decide whether they are the right fit for you.

Get your foot in the door

Getting into a chosen industry is not always that straightforward, especially when there is so much competition around.  A great way of getting your foot in the door is by securing part-time work in that industry to show that you have what it takes! Whether it’s the type of company you had in mind – getting that experience on your profile will set you up for your next application.

Build your work experience

Work experience across a variety of fields will help you stand out from the crowd. For example, by working in retail, whether it’s your chosen career path or not, will help set you up with customer service and client facing experience – a skill that is very valuable and applicable across numerous industries. These skills will come in handy, no matter what your next flexible job will be. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet a lot of different people which will expand your professional network for any future projects or jobs.

No more 9 to 5

Today’s part-time workforce wants more control on deciding when and where to work, and for how long. Instead of working a routine nine to five job, companies like Coople give you the ability to work flexibly and fit work around your life or your studies if you’re at university. Too many talented individuals are turned down because they can’t work specific hours, however with flexible work you can pick and chose the roles that work for you.

Meet all kinds of people

Work experience is just as much about the people you work with as the task at hand, so it’s a great opportunity to meet and learn from a variety of talented individuals. Building relationships in the workplace are important, particularly if you need to build your rating or obtain a reference from an ex-colleague for your next job.

So, what now?

With Coople, an app that sends you flexible job requests as they come in, you can work in all sorts of different fields such as hospitality, retail, events and office sectors. Whether you want to work flexibly in a specific sector or try out them all, Coople will help you reach your personal goals and build up your rating. The only thing you need to do to get started is register and set up a profile.


The gig economy is here and it’s helping millions of workers across multiple industries to work around their preferences – from timings, locations, type of job to the level of experience and pay. The workers of today, just like the employers, are searching for more flexibility. So why not give it a go, build your understanding of different industries and gain tangible experience to kick off your career? All you need to do is register with Coople for free and you’ll start receiving targeted job requests straight to your phone.

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