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London Technology Week, which begins in just six days’ time, is one of the capital’s most prestigious events and celebrates London as a powerhouse of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Throughout the week there will be opportunities for many domestic and international tech specialists and enthusiasts to learn what it takes to set up their business in the UK’s capital.

Join the debate – ‘Setting up in London and the UK’

There are many challenges to consider when expanding your business into new markets like London:

  • Is London and the UK the right choice for entrepreneurship?
  • Why are companies choosing to set up in the UK / London?
  • How do you become part of the London technology scene?
  • How do you engage with the VC community to raise funds?
  • What recruitment tips can you share?
  • What are the key opportunities and challenges for businesses looking to scale in the UK?
  • What advice would you give a start-up looking to internationalise?
  • What’s been the biggest surprise to setting up in London and the UK?

To kick-off, the debate, Viktor Calabro, CEO and founder of Coople, Europe’s largest on-demand staffing platform will be joined by James Parton, Director of Twilio Europe, and Nick Matthews, who looks after Customer Growth at CultureAmp EMEA, to openly discuss the pros and cons of setting up a business in London. The panel session will be moderated by Andrew Tibbetts, COO, Techhub – The global community for technology start-ups.

London Technology Week – background info…

London & Partners and UKTI are working together on this joint event, which brings together entrepreneurs from around the world. Overseas UKTI teams are bringing missions from India, Australia, China and South America. The event will also host overseas businesses that are in London for London Technology Week, and London based overseas businesses.

Discover more information about other events taking place during London Technology Week.

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Tell me more about Coople

Coople is Europe’s number one on-demand staffing platform where businesses can find flexible workers to fill immediate hourly or daily staffing needs around the clock.

Our technology allows businesses to effectively manage unpredictability, free up management time and significantly reduce costs. Workers love the flexibility and additional income they can generate through the platform.

Founded in 2011, the company has offices in London, Zurich and Lausanne and focuses on the hospitality and catering, events and promotion, retail and logistics, and commercial and professional services sectors.

Coople – the marketplace for the employment revolution.