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How Bennett Hay, one of the UK’s leading bespoke hospitality services, used Coople’s digital staffing platform to consistently hire high-quality staff to meet and exceed clients’ high expectations.

How did Coople help?

Bennett Hay provides ‘the ultimate guest experience every time, all the time’. Using Coople, Bennett Hay were able to fulfil their mission statement by ramping up staffing levels to meet their professional standards and provide high-quality staff to cover both planned and unplanned absences.

Bennett Hay needed to hire many receptionists and host(ess). With thousands of motivated and skilled workers available, Coople’s algorithm instantly matched the job requirements with workers who had the right skills and experience. Using the auto-hire feature for favourite workers, shifts were covered within minutes of job posting with preferred and experienced candidates, resulting in a 99.6% coverage rate for absences and sicknesses.

The challenge

  • Covering up to two weeks of operational gaps across 30+ sites
  • Finding skilled and motivated candidates to satisfy client’s high expectations, allowing for total guest fulfilment
  • Maintaining operational consistency, when experiencing planned or unplanned absences

The solution

By working with Europe’s largest online staffing platform, Bennett Hay instantly tapped into a pool of 200,000+ flexible workers ready to consistently help cover any of their full-time employee absences. The Coople platform’s algorithm made it easy to quickly match Bennett Hay’s jobs with high-quality, qualified workers, especially from their ‘favourites’ pool. This is what the process looked like:

Job publication: Bennett Hay used the simple job creator in The Coople for Business App to create and post jobs in minutes. They set the wage, role and the experience they required.

Matching and reviewing: the job was then automatically matched via the Coople algorithm. The workers were able to apply and Bennett Hay reviewed the applicants based on their CV and ratings before hiring them.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Bennett Hay reviewed the hours. Next, the platform handled all the administration and payroll. Bennett Hay then added their best temporary workers to their ‘favourites’ pool.

The results

Fully vetted workers: bolstered client confidence in Bennett Hays capability to cover FTE’s with skilled and professional short-term workers.

Time and cost efficiency: significantly reduced administrative workload and managerial time for site inductions and trainings for over 30 locations.

You’re in charge: over 120 weeks of planned and unplanned absences was covered by experienced and trained candidates, with some arriving onsite in less than two hours.

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