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The digital staffing platform’s AI text-generation tool has been trained to create job descriptions using ‘deep learning’, helping companies save time when recruiting.

A good job description is often the difference between prospective employees sending in an application or opting for another vacancy. It is the primary way for companies to appeal to applicants, alongside promoting what they are looking for and willing to offer in return. However, writing the perfect job description can be a time-consuming process, taking the focus away from other urgent tasks.

To counteract this issue, the digital staffing platform Coople has created an AI-based tool that has been trained to write job description drafts based on a simple prompt – saving companies time and helping them create compelling content designed to attract candidates.

Yves Schneuwly, Group Chief Commercial Officer at Coople comments:

“Generally, we find that companies that provide clear job descriptions receive a higher volume of applications – meaning they are more likely to find their ideal employee in a shorter span of time.

“However, we know that this can also be one of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process, which is why we have integrated an AI description-writing tool for companies to use when creating job listings – helping them to cut back on the time they spend writing descriptions and focus instead on finding the perfect hire for them.

“We are passionate about utilising current technology to make the hiring process easier for both companies and applicants, and our job description tool is just one example of how we at Coople strive to simplify the process.”

Coople’s new tool allows its web platform users to auto-generate a first draft of their job description using just a few short pieces of information – including the job title and a rough description of the position in bullet points. Additional information, like workplace benefits, company values, and work environment details is automatically pulled from the company’s profile in the Coople platform.

Using these pieces of information – alongside a company’s public company name, location, and «company information» description listed on the Coople platform – the tool puts together a drafted job description in just a few moments that can be edited to provide any additional information or smooth out any inaccurate details.

The innovative tool has been trained using a massive amount of text data, utilising a form of training known as ‘deep learning’. This has allowed the tool to pick up on job description commonalities and formatting standards. Using this knowledge, the tool is able to generate new text based on what it has learned. And, of course, the information used to train the tool never includes user data.

The Coople job description writer tool is currently available to its users via the Coople web platform.

This is what the tool looks like on the Coople platform.

Tool on the Coople Plattform that generates an automated job description
A full breakdown of Coople’s new tool can be found here.

About Coople

Founded in Switzerland in 2009, Coople is one of Europe’s largest digital staffing platforms with over 950,000 registered flexible workers and 30,000 registered companies. Coople matches flexible workers to short- and long-term assignments in various roles in office, retail, logistics, hospitality, events and hotels.