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A kitchen assistant (also known as a kitchen helper, kitchen hand or kitchen porter) supports the kitchen’s supervisor, cooks and chefs to ensure that the kitchen runs smoothly. Working under the guidance of other team members, kitchen assistant jobs can include everything from washing dishes and general cleaning to basic food preparation and organising stock.

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At Coople, we’ve made it our mission to help you find rewarding kitchen assistant jobs in your area. It doesn’t matter if you live in London proper or further afield, we can assist you in getting the kitchen job that’s right for you. Whether you want to get into the job market or earn additional income, Coople makes it easy to seek out the right employers to feel valued at work. 

Our workers’ skill sets and industry backgrounds vary greatly, which is why we’ve made a point of offering  opportunities for all levels of experience. We want to do everything we can to support you on your journey to reaching your goals.

What can you expect when working as a kitchen assistant with Coople?

As part of Coople’s talented pool of kitchen assistants, you will be required to perform a variety of tasks that include supporting section chefs, organising stock, washing kitchen appliances and much more.

A lot of what you’ll be doing in your new position will depend on the size of the establishment you end up working for. A small café will expect a more hands on approach where everyone jumps in to assist as and when needed. In a large restaurant or hotel the roles are usually more defined.

It’s also worth noting that kitchen assistants can work in a variety of settings, such as restaurants and cafés, childcare centres, retirement homes and anywhere else that has a kitchen that serves food on a daily basis.

Examples of tasks typically assigned to kitchen assistants:

  • Prepping ingredients (washing, peeling, chopping, cutting, etc.)
  • Cooking ingredients according to specific directions
  • Washing utensils and dishes and storing them properly
  • Ensuring food preparation areas are clean and orderly
  • Sorting, storing and distributing ingredients
  • Operating kitchen equipment according to set instructions
  • Disposing of rubbish
  • Unloading deliveries
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What skills does Coople look for in kitchen staff?

Occasionally, we’ll advertise kitchen assistant jobs that do not require any previous experience. When this is the case it will be clearly stated in the job description.

Some of the things an entry-level position will ask for are:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Plenty of stamina, able to stand and walk for extended periods of time
  • Great team player with an enthusiastic, can-do attitude
  • Ability to listen and learn – fast!

Some kitchen assistant jobs do require specific experience or certification. This will also be stated clearly in the job description. Make sure to read through it carefully before applying to ensure you have the desired skills and qualifications for the role.

These are some of the things hiring companies might require:

  • One or more years experience in food prep
  • Level 2 award in Food Safety
  • Level 1 certificate in General Cookery
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How to prepare for your kitchen assistant job

Dress the part. The job description will usually indicate if a uniform (hair nets, safety shoes, etc.) will be provided or not. If it doesn’t, make sure you find out what the dress code is prior to arriving for your first shift.

Improve your knowledge. Use of kitchen appliances and other machinery will probably be a part of your new role. Make a point of asking what you’ll be doing so you can research your duties to be better prepared before you arrive.

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To increase your chances of getting hired for one of the kitchen assistant jobs we have advertised, read through the role requirements and make sure you have the right job profiles added to your account. This will also save you time in your job search.

Make sure you create a great worker profile and update it regularly. As you gain experience, you can add more job profiles to your account. By growing your platform reputation you’ll be able to find more work to support you on your way to your goals.

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