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Coople is on a mission to create the job app to build a better life. With hundreds of thousands of workers, and key clients across multiple sectors, we match well-known companies looking for motivated flexible staff, with workers looking to develop new skills with jobs that fit round their schedule.

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We believe temporary work can be done differently.

At Coople, we’re focused on the long-term success of all of our clients. When temporary work is done right, businesses benefit from much more than reduced costs and covered absences; they get ambitious, motivated workers with the skills and drive to make a positive contribution to their company, no matter how long the working relationship lasts. We want to make sure that every job match between a business and a worker isn’t based on availability and experience alone. We strive to ensure that there are no barriers to opportunities for our workers. By getting to know the goals of everyone who downloads the Coople Jobs App, we’re able to offer much more than jobs which they can fit into their schedules. We can provide rewarding work environments full of opportunities to develop skills and take steps towards realising ambitions, no matter what they are.

The Coople timeline

Founded in 2009, Coople has ~180 full-time employees across Switzerland, the UK and Poland.

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We have offices in three locations