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Our Culture & what we care about.

The Coople story

You may wonder how we have managed to achieve our ambitious goals and disrupt the market to take it to the next level so successfully. The answer is our Coople story – which gives us guidance, aligns us, helps us to set priorities and to make the right decisions and ensures that everyone is working towards common goals and objectives.

Our Coople story tells us what we do, what we care about, and how we behave.

Our Coople story tells us what we do, what we care about, and how we behave.

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Our core values

Our values and behaviours go hand in hand and are a meaningful part of our Coople story. Our Values reflect and define what we care about, whereas our Behaviours bring them to life and translate them into day-to-day actions. Both help us to understand what Coople stands for and give us guidance. We believe that if our values are brought to life, our team will automatically feel empowered, contribute to the company goals and help Coople to achieve its mission.

We are:

Why culture matters

At Coople, we have never accepted the status quo. From the very beginning, we were reaching for the stars, striving for challenging goals, and delivering high-impact outcomes. When we started pioneering flexible work more than 10 years ago, Coople’s mission was to create the future of work. A future, where anyone can work flexibly and fit their work around their life, instead of the other way around. At the time, the concept of flexible work was new and different. But now that future is here – today, people can work by the hour or temporarily for several months and find jobs that allow them to fund their start-up or take care of family.

But who could describe it better than our founder Viktor Calabrò:

“Disrupting a traditional industry like the recruitment industry was and still is challenging. Out-of-the-box thinking must become your closest friend and no task is easy. That’s exactly why nobody dared to change this winning system for so long. But then in 2011, a small group of believers started with little knowledge of how big this could become. We didn’t have extensive industry experience and we had no solutions for all the problems which we might face. The only thing that we know exactly was that the world of work was broken. Numerous feedbacks made us understand that something had to change.”

Flexible work can help you pursue your dreams and your life goals.

On the other side, if you run a business, freelancers and flexible workers can bring in much-needed skills, help during crunch times, and allow you to maximise your productivity or income. Many shops, warehouses, and restaurants cannot operate during peak hours without flexible staff. In larger businesses, flexible workforce management has become a core component of business strategy. At Coople, we are still committed to continuing disrupting the market to take it to the next level. We strongly believe that in order “to win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace” (Doug Conant). Therefore, our culture is all about establishing a winning culture and a high level of employee engagement, two key ingredients for us as a high-performing and fast-growing organization. We are convinced that culture is a team sport, and we have proven several times that when an amazing team, like ours, focuses on playing brilliantly, winning is the consequence.

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