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How The Berkeley hotel consistently delivered 5-star service with high-quality events staff.


The Berkeley is a leading 5-star hotel in London and has been open for more than 100 years. Located at the edge of Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, there’s nowhere quite like it. Their rooms combine comfort, stylish design, and the latest innovations for the needs of the modern-day traveller. Learn more about The Berkeley.


Company size:

500+ employees






London, UK

I had some sick calls among the full-time team and booked two workers last minute with Coople. We were very happy with the team. All arrived on time and did a great job.”

Attila Balla, Event Operations Manager


The Berkeley was faced with staffing challenges in their events department of the hotel. They used multiple different agencies but continually received poor quality waiting staff, hosts/hostesses, events porters and set up staff. The lack of quality staff did not justify the high rates they were charged from these agencies.

The Berkeley experienced last-minute cancellations and struggled to find replacement staff in time to maintain a 5-star service for their events. The agencies they worked with were unable to fill last-minute staffing requests, especially during their busy season when they required more staff overall. This significantly impacted the customer service The Berkeley could deliver at their events, and they were regularly let down by unreliable staffing agencies.

Their main challenges were:

Working with multiple agencies that weren’t delivering The Berkeley’s volume of staff requirements for their events department.

Receiving poor quality hospitality and events staff from their current agencies. Thus, feeling the high rate charged was unjustifiable.

Unable to fulfil last-minute staffing requests, which was impacting the quality of service they could deliver at events.

How did Coople help?

When The Berkeley discovered Coople, their staffing challenges were resolved. They gained access to over 350,000 registered workers on the Coople platform, the support of the internal operations team and a diligent account manager. After working with Coople for only four months, we are now The Berkeley hotels sole staffing supplier for their events department.

The Berkeley quickly built a large pool of 94 favourite workers with ease, who they hired consistently for their events. Each favourite worked at the hotel regularly, were well rated, and always delivered a 5-star customer service experience to their guests. The Berkeley frequently booked 60 workers per day with Coople, with the majority being regulars from their favourites pool. These workers have made a good impression and are now well-known to Head of Departments, as well as the Hotel Manager.

The Berkeley hired flexible workers instantly into shifts by turning on Coople’s auto-hire feature and allowing the platform to automatically hire from their favourites pool. Their speed to hire drastically improved to cover any last-minute absences with ease, even during busy season. Coople regularly covered The Berkeley’s staffing absences with only three hours’ notice and could deliver 10 extra workers on site within that timeframe.

Taking onboard Coople’s advice, The Berkeley increased their workers rate of pay. This put them at the top of the hotel market compared to their competitors, yet Coople charged less than previous agencies. The Berkeley’s staffing needs were met, with lower costs, and increased quality. Coople have successfully and consistently delivered a large number of workers while retaining the quality expected at a 5-star hotel. This is largely thanks to the fast reaction of the Coople platform and team to deliver exceptional events staff.



Exceptional 5-star customer service experience.

High quality workers.

The Berkeley rapidly built a pool of 94 highly rated hospitality and events staff they could hire consistently for their events.

Last-minute cover.

The Berkeley hotel utilised Coople’s auto-hire feature to immediately secure their favourite workers for the team and cover any last-minute absences. Coople always delivered additional workers, even with only three hours’ notice. In one instance, 10 extra workers were on site to support a last-minute increase with very short turnaround times.

Sole staffing supplier.

Coople became The Berkeley’s sole supplier in just four months. Coople consistently and easily delivered 60+ high-quality, regulars per day.

Cost efficient.

The Berkeley took Coople’s advice to increase the rate of pay, which put them at the top of the hotel market compared to other venues. Afterwards, Coople still charged less than their other suppliers.

Consistent staffing requirements met with Coople.

The Berkeley hotel sourced high-quality hospitality workers at short notice using CoopleFlex. They improved their speed to hire when they used Coople’s auto-hire feature. Thus, they immediately hired workers from their favourites pool, ensuring they were never left understaffed and could always provide the 5-star experience. The Berkeley relied on Coople as their sole staffing supplier for their events department to consistently connect them with high-quality hospitality workers. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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