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How Planthood combated no shows and met business demands with temporary staff.


Planthood is a healthy vegan meal kit company who deliver chef-made recipes and ingredients to your door. They strive to make plant-based eating so delicious and easy that it becomes a new way of life. Learn more about Planthood.






Food delivery



London, UK


Planthood needed temp staffing support to prepare and pack their meal kits. They were wasting a significant amount of time with previous agencies as they continuously experienced no shows.

Planthood needed a reliable staffing partner who could provide high quality and dependable kitchen porters, picker packers, and prep chefs when they needed them. As their start-up business grew, they would require additional staffing support in their facility and needed a recruitment process they could trust.

Their main challenges were:

No shows from their previous agencies staff, resulting in a significant amount of time wasted.

Finding a trustworthy staffing partner to reliably deliver the staff support required to meet their business needs.

How did Coople help?

Planthood began using the Coople platform to hire occasional temporary workers to see how they could support their business model. After successful experiences hiring reliable and skilled temporary workers on the Coople platform, they started building a favourites pool they could tap into at any time. Planthood have used Coople regularly throughout the year and to support their peak periods, such as Veganuary and after winning Dragons Den. CoopleFlex allowed Planthood to fluctuate their levels of logistics staff in line with demand when they expected increased orders.

Planthood have built a favourites pool of over 70+ reliable logistics workers who they have hired to support their team regularly and depend on to cover any last-minute no shows. Additionally, Planthood found a temporary worker they wanted to bring internally and have successfully hired temp to perm with Coople.



Fluctuated staff levels in line with demand.

Dependable and available.

Planthood created a strong favourites pool of over 70+ logistics workers to regularly support their internal team.

Trustworthy staffing partner.

Planthood regularly used Coople throughout the year to support their peaks in meal kit orders. They met their business needs with the support of reliable temporary staff.

Temp to perm hire.

Planthood found an excellent temporary worker they wanted to bring onto their internal team.  Having worked flexibly through Coople already, allowed time for both the worker and Planthood to get to know each other before offering a permanent position.

Coople matched Planthood with high quality, reliable workers.

Planthood built a favourites pool of over 70+ reliable kitchen porters, picker packers, and prep chefs to support their meal kit facility. Using CoopleFlex gave Planthood the ability to fluctuate their staff to support periods of high order volumes. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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