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How Monica Vinader hired temp warehouse staff to support periods of high sales volume.


Monica Vinader is a fast-growing affordable luxury jewellery brand, with a focus on responsible and sustainable production. They create everyday jewellery that can be purchased online or in their retail boutiques worldwide.  Learn more about Monica Vinader.


Company Size:

200+ employees



Retail Luxury Goods and Jewellery



London, UK


Monica Vinader often saw periods of high sales volume throughout the year, where their staff levels needed to rapidly increase. For the upcoming Black Friday, Monica Vinader needed support to source, assess, and hire suitable flexible workers at their West London warehouse.

Finding such high volumes of reliable warehouse operatives at short notice puts strain on their internal teams. Additionally, they wanted to run assessment centres to interview the final candidates, before booking in their warehouse shifts.

Their main challenges were:

Sourcing high volumes of quality warehouse staff.

Finding and hiring candidates at short notice to support their ramp up for Black Friday.

Assessing a high-volume of candidates’ suitability and onboarding them quickly.

How did Coople help?

Coople allowed Monica Vinader to quickly ramp up their temp staff levels in the lead up to Black Friday. Coople held information sessions to initially screen applicants, which significantly reduced time to hire for Monica Vinader. Successful candidates were then invited to an assessment centre with Monica Vinader, where they were booked in for training and shifts. Coople delivered over 115 suitable warehouse workers with only a 10-day lead-time. Consequently, Monica Vinader met their hiring quota and thus successfully met their business needs, thanks to Coople.

Additionally, Monica Vinader hired 8 workers on a temp to perm contract. The high quality of the Cooplers encouraged Monica Vinader to offer them a permanent contract internally. Both the workers and Monica Vinader were happy to find a well-suited match!



Flexible staffing for peak periods.

High volumes of workers.

Over 115 warehouse workers attended Monica Vinader’s assessment centres ahead of their Black Friday ramp. Thus, they met their hiring target with skilled temp workers.

Speed to hire.

Coople rapidly delivered a significant number of vetted and available candidates with a 10-day lead-time.

Temp to perm success.

Offered permanent contracts to 8 exceptional candidates to move into their internal team.

High volumes of staff at short notice with Coople.

Monica Vinader sourced high volumes of temporary workers at short notice using CoopleFlex. They increased their speed to hire with Coople’s quick turnaround times screening and vetting applicants. Using CoopleFlex gave Monica Vinader the confidence that they could successfully meet their business objectives for periods of high sales volumes. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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