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How Regus hired for urgent sickness cover and long-term holiday cover.

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Regus used Coople to urgently find and hire workers for both short-term and long-term temporary cover. With access to Coople’s large pool of workers, they were easily able to cover planned and unplanned absences i.e. maternity leave, holiday and full-time employee gaps.

Their main challenges were:


Fill urgent operational gaps across various job profiles for multiple sites


Quickly onboard professional, fully-vetted workers to cover planned and unplanned absences


Find and hire reliable, skilled workers for varied shifts and at short notice


Regus used Coople to instantly tap into a large pool of reliable, ambitious workers to manage employee absenteeism. With thousands of motivated and skilled workers available, Coople’s algorithm instantly matched the job requirements with workers in the right location who had the right skills and experience. The quick turnaround time, and having built a strong ‘favourites’ pool of over 50 workers who were on standby, meant that Regus could staff their many London sites effortlessly.

Regus onboarded 10-15 fully-vetted temporary workers per day to cover 100% of unplanned absences. The Coople algorithm made it easy to quickly find both urgent short-term and long-term cover, often securing high-quality staff in a matter of minutes.


Covered urgent absences


Fully vetted workers

Onboarded 10-15 fully-vetted temporary workers per day to cover 100% of unplanned absences

Time and cost efficiency

The Coople platform matched appropriate candidates quickly to jobs, securing high-quality cover in a matter of minutes.

Quality candidates

Found and hired reliable, high-quality workers for long-term shifts

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