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How Deliveroo managed surges in demand during COVID-19.

Deliveroo operate dark kitchens (Deliveroo Editions) that produce food for hand-picked restaurants, all exclusively designed for delivery. These dark kitchens bring great restaurant food to many neighbourhoods, making good on the promise that got Deliveroo started: to connect you with great food from great restaurants, wherever you are, and whatever it takes.



With the initial restrictions placed on restaurants during COVID-19, Londoners still sought to satisfy their food cravings, but at home. This meant that Deliveroo saw a huge demand in home delivery orders. In order to keep up with the demand, and not let customers down, Deliveroo needed employees at several of their kitchens within just a few hours. Their main challenges were:

Fill all operational gaps with skilled and motivated staff during spikes in orders

Cover several varying job roles on a daily basis across multiple locations with local candidates

Onboard fully vetted staff within hours to cover for self-isolating employees

Provide staffing flexibility for when lockdown measures are relaxed


Using Coople, Deliveroo instantly tapped into a pool of 250,000+ motivated flexible workers ready to help out during this crisis. The Coople platform’s algorithm made it easy to quickly match Deliveroo’s multiple jobs with qualified workers. Within minutes of the jobs being posted across multiple locations, dozens of highly rated applicants applied, which meant Deliveroo could fill all positions within the hour. Deliveroo saved a large amount of time on recruiting and had the ability to instantly scale down once the measures were relaxed.


Successfully managed demand

Fully vetted workers

Dozens of highly rated and qualified candidates applied within minutes.

Time and cost efficiency

Large amount of time saved on recruiting and ability to instantly scale down once the measures are relaxed.

Fast delivery

Motivated workers across a variety of job profiles ready to start within a few hours.

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