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Maximised business revenue with Coople


How Budgens maximised their business revenue and managed their peaks in demand efficiently with flexible staff.

Budgens is a chain of grocery stores run and owned by people who care about the quality, provenance and value of their food. As individual stores serving their own local communities, they are closer to local issues, and therefore able to recognise and cater services to their communities’ needs. Today Budgens has over 260 stores, varying from petrol forecourts to neighbourhood supermarkets, which are independently owned by our Budgens retailers. Learn more.



To maximise their revenue, Budgens partnered with Coople to help with their goal of aligning their cost structure with business needs. They required flexible staff to manage their peaks in demand. Their main challenges were:

Find and hire reliable, high quality workers for longer term shifts

Manage staff levels and adapt to demand quickly, at short notice

Source and hire workers for all operational gaps, with skilled and motivated staff, during busy periods of time


Bugdens knew the maximum number of team members is only required during their busiest business hours. Reducing the percentage of full-time employees and hiring flexible staff during peak hours helped them save costs. Coople helped them find and hire reliable, high quality workers for regular and consistent shifts. Budgens built a pool of ‘favourite’ workers who worked regular shifts during peak hours and had the necessary training to always ‘jump right in’. This allowed them to save a large amount of time on recruiting, with the ability to find staff at short notice.


Maximised business revenue

Fully vetted workers

Easily accessible ‘favourites’ pool of qualified, highly rated and vetted workers.

Time and cost efficiency

Large amount of time saved on recruiting, with the ability to find staff at short notice.

Fast delivery

Reliable, high quality workers hired for regular and consistent shifts.

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