What’s a Super Coopler?

Every month, a Coopler is chosen as our monthly Super Coopler by the customer success team to celebrate their great work performance.

As a Super Coopler, you’ll receive benefits such as an exclusive gift from your Coople Team, a Super Coopler label on the platform to boost your chances of getting hired and a well-deserved spotlight on our pages!

Our previous Super Coopler

Meet our Super Cooplers and learn how flexible work has helped them achieve their goals.

“I've been working with Coople for a few months now, I enjoy the flexibility to work around my schedule while preparing for the launch of my new business venture in the next few months. I've met many people from different walks of life and gained new skills along the way that I am confident will come in handy at some point in the future."

Giuseppe M. – Super Coopler December 2022

“This is my 20th year working in Hospitality and Banqueting and for first time I am not on a full time contract. I joined Coople only in April, but so far it has been great. I have never had a flexible job which is enough to support my family and enjoy all the benefits flexible work can offer.”⁠

Max L. – Super Coopler November 2022

"I really enjoy the travel working here at Coople and meeting other amazing staff at the restaurants I work in. I joined Coople as they give me more varied work opportunities so I can choose where and when to work to save money for the future, especially for a holiday."

Michael A. – Super Coopler October 2022

"Working with Coople is exciting and rewarding. Changing venues almost everyday is challenging but for me it is a privilege to experience different ways of doing things and never stop learning."

Roberto D. – Super Coopler September 2022

"Since I've joined Coople, I've always been punctual for work and I work hard to be my best at every shift. I’m diligent and disciplined and always keep in mind to remain professional whilst on shift. I believe this is why hiring companies regularly hire me, because they know they can rely on me. It feels good to have this be acknowleged by Coople as their Super Coopler of the month.⁠"

Olayinka O. – Super Coopler July 2022

"I love working for Coople because I can have my freedom while earning really good money."

Emir C. – Super Coopler June 2022

"It didn’t take long after I started with Coople that I, as it happens with most of us Cooplers, got hooked on the flexibility and the reliability that it provides. Throughout my three years of working with Coople, I've always been able to find consistent work. Even during the peak of COVID-19, I found opportunities working outside of my usual area of expertise, but that brought me great satisfaction.⁠"

Ana F. – Super Coopler May 2022

"I'm glad to have worked with Coople for over 3 years. Thanks to Coople, I've received a lot of financial support over the years. I've been able to work flexibly to earn extra money whenever I needed it. I've also been able to spend extra time with my family and learn new skills, made new friends and even worked with management." ⁠

Naveed A. – Super Coopler April 2022

"After being made redundant during the pandemic I thought about what goals can I now achieve. The main ones were to learn new skills, work on projects that were fulfilling, find work that can help improve myself and can it lead to full time work.⁠ ⁠ Working with Coople has helped me achieve these goals. I have been able to learn new skills by working with different tools. I've also gained insight into the field of recruitment. It is very fulfilling knowing that you have played a part in helping someone get more career experience and giving them a chance to learn something new that can help them achieve their own career goals." ⁠

Yasir K. – Super Coopler March 2022

"I really love the flexibility of the Coople Jobs App. The opportunities and experiences that I have gained during my time on the app has really shaped my career development. Plus, I have been able to build and maintain professional and life long relationships too, which is a bonus. In fact, I’m always recommending my friends to join since I’ve had such a good experience." ⁠ ⁠

Souzane M. – Super Coopler February 2022

"When COVID-19 turned my beloved events industry upside down, it was time to explore new opportunities. Becoming a Coopler has introduced me to exceptionally creative and diverse companies that have genuinely enriched my working life. I really appreciate the flexibility that Coople offers and the lovely people I'm meeting along the way."⁠ ⁠

Amanda A. – Super Coopler January 2022

How to become a Super Coopler.

To become a Super Coopler, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have a complete Coople profile, including a profile picture.
  • Complete at least 10 shifts in total.
  • Complete at least 5 shifts in the month of voting.
  • Have zero no-shows.
  • Have an average rating of 3+ stars.
  • Last logged in within 31 days.

Become a Super Coopler.

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