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How to find flexible barback jobs near you.

You can apply to flexible barback jobs with Coople. Whether you’re looking to build your skillset or top up your income, you can reach your goals as one of our professional barbacks who work flexibly for hundreds of restaurants, bars and cafes across London.

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We make it our mission to connect you with flexible, rewarding work. No matter your skill level or industry background, you can find a range of opportunities at different experience or salary levels with Coople. Below, we’ve highlighted what you can expect when you apply to barback jobs with Coople.

What you can expect when applying to barback jobs with Coople:

Job responsibilities

For example:
  • Preparing mixers, juices, and cocktail garnishes.
  • Tidying up tables, counters, and other bar areas.
  • Collecting empty glasses and bottles.
  • Maintaining inventory levels to ensure the bar is well stocked with ice, liquor, wine, and beer.
  • Opening tabs and processing payments.
  • Polishing glasses, emptying bins, and cleaning the bar area to maintain high cleanliness standards.

You can also work flexibly as one of our professional bartenders.

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Waitresses and waiters

You can also work as a novice, intermediate or expert waitress or waiter with Coople.

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Kitchen assistants

You can also find work as a kitchen assistant with Coople.

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You can also join our team of flexible baristas.

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What essential and soft skills do you need to work as a barback?

Sometimes, our roles do not require experience. If no specific experience is required, it will be listed clearly in the description of our barback jobs. For example, the job description may say:
  • No previous experience needed.
  • Friendly, outgoing personality. Candidates must be able to interact with a range of customers to provide a quality customer experience.
  • Physical stamina – candidates must be able to work on their feet for an extended period.
  • Comfortable working as a team in a fast-paced environment, especially during weekends and evenings.
  • Flexibility to work a variety of shifts.
If specific experience or skills are required, it will be clearly stated in the barback job description. For example, hiring companies may ask for:
  • Health and safety training.
  • At least 6 months bar or restaurant experience.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Availability to work different hours including weekends, days, and nights.

How to prepare for your barback jobs.

There’s a variety of things to look out for before you start work as a barback.

This could include:

  • Health and safety training – if this is essential, you will be invited to complete your health and safety training before you start working as a barback.
  • Uniform requirements – make sure to check whether uniform will be provided.
Cleaning dishes in the restaurant's kitchen

To increase your chances of a successful job application, it’s a good idea to read through the job description and make sure you have the right job profiles added to your account. This will also save you time when finding work as a barback. 

More importantly, when you are properly prepared for the role, you can perform at your best to build your platform reputationThis will allow you to find more work to support you on your way to your goals. 

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