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Find flexible Events jobs near you with Coople.

Are you interested in decorating or designing event spaces? Do you enjoy connecting with people while offering samples for tasting or distributing flyers? Maybe you are good at setting up audio equipment or building a both at an event? With Coople you can get casual event jobs like this and more.

It’s fun, totally flexible and perfectly suited to students or anyone else who needs extra earnings without interrupting their regular commitments – you can build your CV, one weekend at a time. 

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Find a wide range of event jobs

There’s plenty of variety on offer. On the Coople platform, you will find companies looking for help with everything from in-store promotions to mystery shopping and special event support.

Do you have a special interest such as gardening or wine? This might be the way into your next event job. Or maybe you would like to help a new start-up build awareness by distributing their flyers? Whatever you can offer, a company on our platform will need you!

Simply download the Coople Jobs App, set up your account, and use filters, keywords or location search to browse hundreds of our event jobs listings.

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Tell us more about yourself

Coople offers a wide variety of jobs, giving you the opportunity to try out new things and fit work into your life. Add as many suitable roles as possible to your Coople profile – everything that interests you and for which you are qualified. As soon as you apply for jobs, we will know what you are looking for and can send you relevant job requests.

Stay active on the app! The more you apply, the more job requests you will receive.

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These event jobs are currently available on our platform:


Event assistants




Catering staff


Cleaning professionals


Hosts and hostesses

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You need to complete 3 initial steps to start working with Coople.

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The Coople Jobs App is where you search and apply for jobs, confirm your working hours and update your worker profile – any time, anywhere. It is essential in order to work with Coople.

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Prove your legal Right to Work in the UK

As your legal employer, we need to confirm your identity and work permit before we can start working with you. Please upload your ID or passport and a valid work permit (if applicable) to your worker profile.

Improve your chances of getting hired

To maximise your chances of success, it’s a good idea to read through the job requirements and make sure you have the right job profiles added to your account. This will help you determine whether or not you are qualified for the role, saving you valuable time when applying for work.

Adding a great ‘about me’ section and uploading your professional documents will show prospective employers that you’re a good fit for them. Additionally, ensuring that you’re sufficiently prepared for your role will increase your platform reputation and enable you to find more rewarding work to support you in reaching your goals.

Remember to set up job alerts for the type of roles you’re interested in within the Coople Jobs App. This will ensure you don’t miss out whenever new opportunities are posted.

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