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Hiltl AG covers peaks in demand and absences with flexible staff


​How Hiltl AG found a reliable partner for their staffing solution with Coople.

According to Guinness World Records, Hiltl AG is the oldest vegetarian company in the world. Founded in 1898 as “Vegetarierheim & Abstinenzcafé”, the company has provided an atmosphere of friendly hospitality and excellent cuisine for 4 generations. Hiltl AG owns nine restaurants, one of which is the “Hiltl am Strand” at the lake of Zurich.



Staff planning for seasonal businesses is not the easiest, as it depends on various factors such as the weather. But the year 2020 was particularly challenging due to the pandemic outbreak, which also affected “Hiltl am Strand“. Nevertheless, the “Badi“ season started well – surprisingly well. At times, “Hiltl am Strand“ was no longer able to meet its own staffing requirements due to a lack of internally qualified personnel and the additional short-term absences of employees. Therefore, flexible and qualified staff had to be found quickly. The main challenges were:

Difficulty in planning seasonal operations during the pandemic

Covering peaks in demand

Internal shortage of qualified staff

Short-term staff absences

With qualified staff, operations could be maintained during peaks in demand

Short-term staff shortages could be covered by flexible, motivated Cooplers

Massive reduction of HR administration and outsourcing of payroll accounting for internal employees

How did Coople help?

Thanks to CoopleHiltl AG has access to more than 400,000 flexible and qualified registered workers at any time. This also enables our client to build up their own pool of favourite Cooplers, which includes workers who have impressed the company with their skills for the jobThe company can then mark these Cooplers as favourites and hire them automatically for the next shift. The only requirement to be added to the favourites pool is to be employed for one shift by the company. Hence, for the next job the trial period is no longer necessary – saving time and money. Additionally, regular jobs can be offered to favourite Cooplers, which reinforces the relationship. The different Hiltl locations, such as “Hiltl am See”, also benefit from this pool of favourites, as the qualifications required for employees (e.g. the job profile), are often quite similar.    Hiltl AG uses the CooplePayrolling model for the 40 internal employees of “Hiltl am Strand”. The internal employees are managed by Coople, which takes care of the entire HR administration. This includes, for example, issuing employment contracts, checking work permits, payroll accounting, as well as handling sickness and accident reports and other administrative matters. Coople is always the legal employer of all Cooplers. 


Over 60 jobs were covered in the summer of 2020

Creation of a favourites pool

Hiltl AG was able to build up a pool of favourites, containing 15 Cooplers.

Recruitment speed

In the summer of 2020, Hiltl AG created and published more than 60 jobs for “Hiltl am Strand” on the Coople Jobs App. Each job was covered within 4 hours on average.

Favorites pool-sharing

The favourites pool can be shared within the nine Hiltl AG locations. In this way, the relationship with the favourite Cooplers can be strengthened even more.

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