Maintains its operations even in the state of emergency thanks to flexible staff


How Denner was able to maintain operations in all its Swiss branches during the first Covid-19 wave, thanks to Coople’s flexible staff.

Denner AG is the third-largest food retailer in Switzerland, based on revenue. At the end of 2020, Denner had 833 sales outlets across all language regions of Switzerland. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Denner was one of the main suppliers of food and consumer goods for the Swiss population’s daily needs.



The March 2020 Covid-19 outbreak in Switzerland, saw Denner faced with enormous organisational and security challenges. The safety measures prescribed by the federal government had to be implemented rigorously. In addition, they needed to avoid supply bottlenecks, yet supply had to increase to cope with purchase growth. Their main challenges were:

Controlling customer frequency in each Swiss branch

Continuous cleaning and disinfection in each sales location (especially shopping trolleys, baskets, and checkout areas)


Denner was able to post targeted job requests on Coople, which instantly reached a pool of over 500’000 dedicated, flexible workers across Switzerland. Coople worked closely and efficiently with Denner to ensure their staffing needs for all Swiss stores were fulfilled quickly. Over 500 qualified and motivated staff were ready to start working in less than 48 hours. Coople has built a strong, ongoing relationship with Denner as a result of Coople’s efficient and reliable flexible staffing platform. Currently, Denner are exploring further areas flexible staff can help their business.


Smooth operations despite a global pandemic


Over 500 flexible staff recruited in less than 48 hours


In March and April 2020, a total of 1’560 of Coople’s flexible staff worked at Denner throughout Switzerland

Work performance:

In just two months, a total of 80’000 flexible working hours were provided

Over 20,000 Swiss companies rely on Coople’s digital staffing services

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